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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Newspapers, History and Comment

There was a time when I refused to read the newspapers. The newspapers could serve as a mockery. We thought we are being told of the truth. However, there is no absolute truth in any that I have read from. Luckily, with the emerging power of the internet, I am no longer denied an access to be a more critical and sensible reader because the stories from both parties are easily accessible. Then, it is us, the reader who needed to be careful in judging, not to be carried away by our easily drifting emotion.
I remember a saying that says a history could either be a lie or the truth. As to how it is written, it is highly dependent on the motive behind it or who rules at a point of time. So, DO NOT MERELY believe in whatever is said to you or whatever you have read. DO NOT allow yourself to naively be a part of the complot or the arranged conspiracy. Otherwise, you would risk yourself working for the people that you ACTUALLY detest, spreading their propaganda faster than the bushfire.
Anyway, I believed and entirely convinced that there is nothing wrong in giving comments on certain issue. However, we must ensure that we comment fairly, reasonably, intelligently and sensibly. You will never know what a word could do to yourself and the others. Your comment could either bring you prosperity or it may otherwise ridicule your life.
So, my MAIN POINT is, think wisely before you decide on something. What may be seemingly compelling could as well be deceivingly awful.


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