Sunday, February 19, 2012

Moving On...

Anger brings me no where. Thus I decided to end it like every wise and mature person does. Life, dramatically, turns interestingly liveable. It took me less than a nanosecond to offer peace. I am now a happy man.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Happiness is what I have been longing for.. Am joy-deprived for nearly 3 days already. Can hardly stand this pain. I would rather die...

Detail analysis...

I was a part of this whole crap? Definitely. It takes two to tango. Partly, yes, I humbly admit that I was unwise with what I have said. I was only joking like we did before, remember? I was even smiling and your response was yelling at me like you were so ready to kill me at that very instant. Then, you walked away and started to argue how fortunate I am, how well-loved I am, how your voice is never heard, blablabla and blablabla and on and on and on and shouting at me at the top of your lung. Hey, no living human being is so fucking stupid to not coming out into defense. And you THINK that it was still MY FAULT??? MYYYYYYY FAULTTTTTTTT???????????
You have no idea how fucking lucky you are! Such a spoiled brat!!! Stop comparing my life with yours. In any way, ours are incomparable. AND by saying INCOMPARABLE, it is a definite arrogance-free choice of word. Don't be a pussy! Look what you are showered with at your age???? Have I ever ridiculed you the way you thought I did???? Never???
You always think of me as the apple of everyone's eyes. You got it all wrong. You think my life is always easy? Again, you got it all wrong. You think that your life is the hardest? Simply because you refuse and you put no effort at all to look beyond what has met your fucking blind eyes. You have no idea the painful journey of fabricating a smile on my frowning lips. YOU HAVE NO SLIGHTEST IDEA of WHAT HELL IS LIKE!!!
Superficially, I may seemingly appear as the luckiest and the most favourable bastard on earth! But, look again, closer, the closest you could this time. Despite my bogus fame, what else have I got? Do I even have to spell out one by one for you to see? Why do people turn to me?
For a while they would come out with praises, saying how good I am, how intelligent I am and on and on and on. Umpang is this, Umpang is capable of this and that. Do I ever enjoy that phony attention? NEVER. Ok, fine! They might THINK I am good and that is what they THINK. Never once I thought I was even good. Then for the next couple of minutes, you are the one everyone after for a good glasses of cold beer. What do you think it means? You do your Math! So, even before you think how rosy my life is, put on your thinking cap. Don't be such an asshole.
Even when your friends come over for a short visit or an overnight stay, please quickly recall what I have done to make us a very heart-warming host.. Have you ever thought of thanking me? NEVER....
And, thanks for the sarcasm that you and your buddies 'blessed' me with. Shouldn't have even bother to read the comments for your overly-biased status. It is hurting. I am doubly amazed at how people can judge others that they don't even know. You have no idea of what is going on so you don't have your say. If support is what you wanted to show, make yourself look wise at least.
I have so many things to say. But, the more I type, the more pain I feel. I better stop before this becomes nothing but the cause of my death.

Amazing FACTS

Wow, after what you have done, without guilt and shame, you still find it is okay to eat the food I buy and to use whatever I purchase? What the fuck, right????? Gosh, get the hell out of my fucking sight!!!!!! If you talk the talk, you have got to walk your talk, dude! How undignified can a person be? Why turning yourself into an unusable piece of trash??? Owh, F.U.C.K!!!!!

On my final physical day; six feet above...

This is how serious this crap is. I wanted the whole world to know that I do not even want to 'see' you around my dead body. Why should you even think of paying your last respect since at the first place you never have even the slightest respect for me while I was very much alive? Hmmmm... Anyone knows how to legally imposed my death wish upon this very person? Since I would be physically incapable of stopping this ungrateful brat to get near my lifeless body, a restraining order is all I need. This heartless person shall be forbidden from even allowing people to see ITS glimpse around; both during the mourning as well as the funeral. I DO NOT WANT THIS RIDICULOUSLY INGRATITUDE MONSTER TO BE BY MY SIDE AT ANY TIME ON MY FUNERAL. This would perhaps grant me my eternal piece. Yes, this is how fucking serious I am!!!! Aahhhh, why wasting my time to request for restraining order? You will never give it a damn! My death means nothing to you. It will just be another news. In fact, you will be the happiest of men to bid me farewell, ultimately. (If only you even care to acknowledge me who was your passionate caretaker)