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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Windscape For Him (for me).. Another advanced birthday gift..

From Jimmy and Kim

This is the 75 ml eau de toilette that I have been dreaming of for these few days. I was in Avon with Ashairi and Safa when I first introduced to this perfume. Actually, I am not a guy who is into perfume kind of a stuff. But, it was different. I was so attracted to the smell that it took me less than a nano second to decide to get myself a bottle. Unfortunately, it was out of stock. I was really upset. Little that I knew that this was in fact, a blessing in disguise.
Then, on my another visit to Avon with Ash, Kim, Dewi and Harni, I spared a thought of buying it but then, I was not as enthusiastic as I was. So, I ended up empty-handed.
Prior to that, I have been busy promoting this perfume to my classmate. I was also shamelessly asking my friends to buy me one as a token. I said it will make an ideal Valentine's or birthday gift.

Hardly a day after my second visit to Avon, Jimmy sheepishly handed me a plastic bag with Avon printed on it. At a glance, my heart told me that this could not be true. The moment my eyes caught the view of the rectangular sea-blue box, I knew for instance that inside the plastic bag must be the one that I was dying for.
Ting Kung Jin and Ling Kim Lin... Thanks, Jimmy. I should have hugged you just now!!! I am speechless.. Kim, this is your second birthday gift of the year which is equally splendid and bravura. This is just another LOVELY and THOUGHTFUL 24th advanced birthday gift.. I can't stop smiling already, can I? I was practically jumping up and down with intense merriment receiving this very, very unexpected priceless gift!!! I am indebted to both of you!!


Kim said...

Hey prince!!!! Dun thank me, hahaha!!! I only suggested Jimi to buy d perfume as ur bday gift...d gift is solely frm Jimi, hehe...He was kinda blur when he handed it to you last nite. Thus, tersalah padah bah...=p cute x?? Nway reali2 glad tat u luv d gift, at least suggestion kmk ya worth it bah =)))

Nana said...

Ya nang byklah advance birthday gift... mintak cgek eh...berat kitak bak balit sibu lak. Hehe...

Anonymous said...

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