Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan, my heart goes out to you

I could not imagine the agony of the Jap who lost their precious everything in the heartrending twin-natural-disaster epic. The pictures of their misery are everywhere. The tragic videos has significantly intensified my sympathy for these grief-stricken citizen of Japan. What could I reasonably afford to offer other than whispering my prayers through the wind to reach out for them. I am certain that such calamity would only make Japan a stonger nation. History has shown us that Japanese are mighty. This "Land of the Rising Sun" would definitely rise again.


I went to see an Orthopedic Specialist on March 8th last week for the follow-up. He is contented to see that I am in one piece again except for my arm. It has a raised area at the site of my former wound and stitches called keloid. Reddish brown, firm, rubbery and shiny would best describe how does this ugly keloid of mine looks like. Adding to this hideous sight, this benign tumor which has spread well beyond the area of the original wound often accompanied by sharp pain and itching which is awfully uncomfortable.
The solution, according to the passionate specialist, is through steroid injection or through the surgical removal of all the scar tissue. He, however, does not know to WHICH extend would either way help. But, he reassured me that the dermatologist that I would be seeing in May knows what is best for me. He is the Orthopedic Specialist by the way. Let's hear from the dermatologist whose days are committed into perfecting skin.



Our damaged Vios J M

My mum dumped a handsome RM10k for the wrecked Vios J M in no more than a year back. She has again put in the similar amount for her coming, brand new Vios E AT. Within this one year, she has given away her Rm20k for the downpayment for two cars. However, the insurance company would issue a cheque worth RM9k soon. That is the only amount left after they settled the remaining bank loan. That is one good news that has returned my mum her warm smile.

Driving away this beauty next week (Vios E AT)

I was actually heartbroken to see how cheerless she was to give in such a huge amount of capital again for another car within a year. She has to buy a new car for everyone's convenience, especially my aba. He has to ride on his motorcycle and head off to his office on the dusty road which is under maintenance. He sometimes reaches home all wet and soaked. She does not buy the idea of her driving all comfortable to the hospital while her significant other half has to endure these unwarranted circumstances.

Despite the devastating aftermath of the Tanjung Skrang's accident and the uncalled for monetary mayhem, we are now really thankful that we have somehow escaped the thick gratuitious fog with delight.

Bruno Mars

Boogieing to Bruno Mars' is my current passion at current. His music is awesome. Enough said. The world knows him better.

HTC Desire HD

Owh. Bidding Samsung Galaxy S II farewell... I don't mean to say goodbye but, this one steals my heart away at one significant instance. I love this Quietly Brilliant Smartphone. I really do. It prides itself as World's Leading Smartphone and yeah, it is World's Best Android Phone. The camera is magnificent. The touchscreen is just awesome. The apps are super-fantastic. Thanks to the versatile Android. I JUST love everything about this rocking-cool HTC creation.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

A glimpse of my workplace

This middle section of the staffroom is mainly occupied by the bachelors and the bachelorettes..

Newly changed rubber mat... Looking good in this picture..

My working area.. I sometimes spent a good 10-hour here...

Samsung Galaxy S II

I have a bad track record with Samsung mobile phone. I purchased one last time and it gave me a terrible headache. It was a case of a fatal love at the first sight. I did not see it coming that I blindly bought myself one. It took me a painful 3-day to finally traded it in with a Sony Ericsson mobile phone which offered me heaven. Since then, nothing from Samsung line up could capture even my slightest interest.

My previous Samsung SGH E950 (Thought this was my first and last Samsung phone)

It has always been Sony Ericsson not until I found this one. This SAMSUNG GALAXY S II is an exception. It is an exception for such an exceptional smartphone. I do not know what has gotten into me but I want this phone so bad that I am now dying to OWN one. I have wholeheartedly decided to get a set of this brilliant gadget. I'll let you know. Sorry to let you down Sony Ericsson Arc... Anyway, this would be my second most expensive investment so far after my Myvi SE.

Below is the technical details of this superbly outstanding smartphone.

You may want to click on the picture above for a better view.

Corrective surgery??

From this to

and from this to the one below...

Well, this is how I currently look like. The scar is visibly there. It shows no sign of vanishing fully. I have been religiously applying a whole range of recommended curative gel, oil or ointment which are costly but every end result is equally frustrating. The condition remains the same and seemingly, it would serve as a permanent reminder that I could not live a day without being reminded to the grave accident. As much as I tried not think about it, whenever I looked into the mirror and glanced trough my photos before the accident, at times, it hurts me somehow to see the unwarranted scar on my face. I know that CLEARLY I am not even Brad Pitt's closest match but how I wish the scar is there no more.

I have never thought that the above picture has now become my living memory of my nearly-unblemished face. It wasn't flawless but it surely was a zillion time better than it is now.

My am at present

As much as I hate people knowingly stare at my flecked arm, I have to brave myself wearing short sleeve T-shirt. I have never tried to hide this ugly sight from the public. Although having people to look intently at my bruised arm is no longer an awkward experience, however, their judging eyes make me feel so uncomfortable and sometimes, humiliated. Reading their expression makes me sick to my stomach. They must have thought I have caught a kind of a skin disease due to my poor hygiene or something. Come on, people, I can't afford to tell every pair of gawking eyes that what they are seeing is actually a cruel, unwanted mark of a road mishap.

Day 3 after the road accident.

Day 7

Towards healing....

You have no idea how badly I want my sound arm back...

On Tuesday, the 8th, I would be seeing a specialist again. Perhaps, I might resort to a corrective plastic surgery?