Monday, November 22, 2010


I have not made my heart heard for a long period of time. This personal space of mine has seemingly been abundant. Unintentionally actually. I could not find any suitable reason though for momentarily leaving this little sanctuary of mine for couple of months. I have so much to say and so much to write about. I have seen so many things be it good or bad while leaving this blogsite unattended to. Well, I would not dare to say "Hey, fella! I am back." But, yeah, I really have something to say. Otherwise, my heart would soon burst. like Kaboooooommmmm... If you could wait, I'll come out with a piece of new update later. Chow...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Weird feelin'

Gosh... Sorry dear readers (if any, LOL). I have not been updating my blog for ages. I am still very much alive. If that is ur concern, so, that may now be the least of ur worries. Hehehe..
Working? How does it feel like? If you want an honest answer, IT SUCKSSSSSSSSSSS!! Yea, maybe being financially independent is what everyone is after. I WAS too and I am no longer now. So what if I received 2K++ by the end of the month?
I am grateful but, gosh, I really really miss those days when I was in UKM or IPBL or even when I was in my high school years. The world of a working adult offers me a challenge that I could hardly face. When would I really start liking this forever-gruesome career?
Since my kindie, I have been in school for more than 3-quarter of my life and now, there I am again for another 30/40 years... Maybe this was how it felt like entering kindie for the first time... And for goodness sake, this is only my 2nd month working. How many decades to go? Don't reveal me the number. And, how on earth do you think I could bear that fact? The fact that I would celebrate my golden age in SCHOOL?????? I am turning 25 now but I may sound like a baby. It is hard doing something that you HAVE to do... Only if I do this because I WANTED TO...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Am I not ready?

My first day in school was fine. The second day was horrible since I got to start teaching. My third day was better but the fourth day was again horrifying. I got so little inspiration to keep going. I am reconsidering to divert from this path that I have chosen. It is not after all easy. Not as easy as I thought it would be. Whatever decision that I shall make, I hope that it would not be the stupid one.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

World Cup 2010

An international event that is so much known for its immense power to bring people together. Mmmm, it does also separate people... LOL.. Well, I got to watch few matches and of course the lame final too.. I did experience those goosebumps moment when I expected a goal from my fav team. I did sigh too when a player did not manage to perfect the finishing. Yeah, I stayed up late and I shared the grief, the joy and the excitement of WC 2010 with zillion others out there, though not as much, but I did. Hehehe..
I do not know much about football though but I could be so unexpectedly involved in giving comments on few matches that I watched. HAHahahahahahaha.. Considering my very little knowledge on this phenomenal sports, it was OK that I somehow managed to sustain the football-related conversation.
It is now over. Housewives may be in total control of remote control again. It could be the end for most of us but the world is already eyeing for World Cup 2014 in Brazil. Every country has already started to maneuver their strategy. Who would be the next World Champ? Would Paul the Octopus continuously cast his spell and magic? :O: I wanted to see Korea and Japan to be enlisted in the semi-final at least. Brazil, see ya..

Roughly a week to go....

My life is about to change in no time soon. Gosh, I better keep up with the pace, praying religiously that I would be ever to go along well with this journey that I have chosen. I know, what lies ahead of me would be challenging and testing; teenagers who think they do not need teachers, teachers who would bully me into doing all sort of things, uncooperative parents and lots more. But, I will not lay down my arms and admit defeat. Someone told me that I am a great teacher, waiting to be given a chance. And yeah, I surely AM!!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Myvi 1.5 Limited Edition

So true??? Sooooo false???????? Let's wait for this Myvi 1.5 Limited Edition... Maybe available in April 2011..

Thursday, July 8, 2010


It is a misplaced desire of food or its withholding from the needy which is considered as one of the SEVEN DEADLY SINS in Christianity. Gosh.. Guess I fit these five criterion so well as mentioned by St. Gregory, the Church Doctor.. Hehehehe..

1. Eating before the time of meals in order to satisfy the palate.

2. Seeking delicacies and better quality of food to gratify the "vile sense of taste."

3. Seeking after sauces and seasonings for the enjoyment of the palate.

4. Exceeding the necessary amount of food.

5. Taking food with too much eagerness, even when eating the proper amount, and even if the food is not luxurious.

In short, I shall not be enslaved by my own burning desire for more.. Need to practice temperance..

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Two weeks more..

Will be going to Kuching again this coming 20th, maybe for one last time for posting-related event, hopefully. I am more thrilled to go to Kuching actually because I have fallen so hard for this just-lovely city. LOL.. However, I will be there for my posting briefing. I will not have time to go for sight-seeing or food-hunting. Duhh~~
We will be staying in Rajah Court Hotel for that 3-day briefing. Praying hard that the briefing would not be dragging. Otherwise, I would fall asleep effortlessly.. I get to set my mind right. IT IS A BRIEFING.. Not a lullaby.. But,just can't help it sometimes... Hahaha...
Anyway, the school would only be unveiled to us on the 22nd, the last day of the briefing. Now, that makes it difficult for us. I am told that we would be going to our respective school right after we open the posting letter. Why aren't we being informed earlier so that we could prepare or arrange for our accommodation etc if we get posted to a place far from home. Or maybe, that is a hint that our future school is not too far away from our home?
When I revisited my heart again, I guess I am ready to be posted just about anywhere. Hopefully I will be able to make it through no matter what awaits me. God, I pray that the new environment would not be too harsh on a freshie like me.. Be gentle...


Hmmmmm… How can a person simply say a thing without even thinking? I did not expect an insightful research or something but at least try to be fair. No fun, huh? Because so unfortunate that people of this sort find it more appealing to spread unjustified, groundless rumors like bushfire. It is RUMOR by the way. How could it be vindicated? However, anything that is said against you is defensible ONLY IF you are at the right side and let’s talk along this line.

I relentlessly find it funny that slanderer does not even know what they are talking about. They have the faintest of idea on what is going on. Silly? LOL… When you asked them “Where does that come from?” At its best, they would stammer and start to point finger or at its worst, they could outrageously and irresponsibly come out with more unreasonable, absurd statements.

They will never be tired, believe me. The more you wanted them to retract their foolish remarks, the more they try to irk you. They would love to see you rounding the bend and react negatively. They wanted to see you bursting and retorting madly. Do not let them. It is wise to cool down. Compose yourself. You are at the right side, remember? Do not waste your time thinking about those STUPID JOKES by the retard and the brainless. They are, right? Because they do not even know what they are talking about. How else to best describe a retard? LOL…

Better don’t be one..

I have been trying to peacefully handle a naysayer, a gloomy Gus, a worrywart, a.. mmmm, what else do you call them? Owh yea, a wet blanket, a fusspot, a nag, a complainer and my list may go on and on and on. I personally find a person who is so exaggeratedly unenthusiastic and cynical as PATHETIC and soooooooooo not pitiable. Should I feel sorry for them? You think? Gosh, how I want to smack their heads and blow them a quick, hard punch so that they could at least see light even in the bleakest hours of darkness!

There is hope as long as you are breathing. You have to work for it. If at the very first, critical stage you are already so appallingly negative, you have actually chosen to make it hard for you. Yeah, I understand truly that you have to weigh up every factor before moving on. But, just do not freak out too easily. Hey, everything comes with a risk. It is a kind of a combo that is indivisible. Unless the risk is clearly jeopardizing, no one would advise you to carry on, you see.

And my advice to those who do not have the guts at all to face up the challenge, can you please kindly SHUT YOUR STINKING MOUTH? Spare others who dare to make an effort for a more promising life a moment of peace, ok? Do not corrupt their mind with your senseless conclusion. But, I know it is hard to keep mum since nagging is what you do best.

Stepping ahead is about trying and making things happen. Being confident is difficult but never concedes defeat not until you see the result for yourself. YOU WILL NEVER KNOW WHAT LIES AHEAD OF YOU UNLESS YOU GOT THE NERVE TO SEE THE SIGHTS YOURSELF. Keep on trying. Forget your unsuccessful attempts but count on the sweat and the courage and the effort that you have put in. Everything that you do is a moral fiber and will certainly make a very inspirational, triumphant story of your journey. You have no idea how much your attempt would change the life of others. In the end, you may laugh at your spinelessness and almost un-heroic act for so easily accepting defeat at the beginning of your voyage.

Overtly negative reaction…

I am so much wound up by a person who nitpicks on a very simple matter. Say I nicely and thoughtfully suggest we go for a nice pizza for dinner. What I get in return is everything but kind words. You start to lament how bad pizza is for my health. You start to grumble that I can’t think of any other place other than a fast-food restaurant. You begin to find fault in my only ONE, SIMPLE, SUPPOSEDLY-UNCONTROVERSIAL suggestion. Emmm, by the way, do you even know what a suggestion is at the first place? (SMIRK)

COME ON! What the heck? I just say that I am considering to have pizza for dinner. THAT’S ALL. I did not say that WE MUST GO TO PIZZA FOR DINNER. Those are two very different lines. They are poles apart for goodness sake. Why have you chosen to be so tactless and spiteful when peace is an option that you shall opt for? Then are you happy with the tense atmosphere that you have just created?

Ok, OK, OKAY!! FINE, fine.. I got it Mr. /Mrs. Right. Maybe that is your definition for a FUN DINNER with your frame of mind ruined by your very own ridiculous responses. Please, please, please be more sensitive next time and PLEASE NEVER, NEVER, NEVER be too quick in calculating the whole situation. Just watch your mouth, will you?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I am a movie-maniac. I constantly check for what is up-to-the-minute in the cinema. Thank you to the Internet that keeps me updated. After I heard of what would be aired in the cinema from the radio or perhaps from the TV advertisement or maybe from the local daily, I will then watch the trailer which is easily accessible from YouTube. Then, I find it necessary to go through the review or critics of the movie. Normally, this is how it goes. If I am so interested with the movie, I probably make it through all of that just as fast as the list reads. Hehehehe..

In Sibu, the only cinema that I would go to is King’s Trioplex. I am left with not much option either. I could only go to King’s Trioplex or Star Cineplex. The later has never amused me. However, the theatrical experience offered by King’s Trioplex is barely adequate to gratify my passion for a high-end sound system on the High Definition screen. I am quite flustered somehow with the underrated quality of the cinema. Not only the uncomfortable, fabric chair ripped me from my supposedly-treasured-movie-moment but the people who watch the movie get on my nerves a hell lot!!! Smoking in the cinema is not rare in Sibu. Switching their mobile phone to at least the silent mode is also a culture that is hardly embraced. Talking as loud as the speaker inside the cinema is not another alien, frustrating encounter. Despite all that, I am still very eager to be the first to watch the latest and most-talk-about movie in the cinema. Watching it on TV is different unless my house is equipped with an impressive home-theatre system.

A Degree in B.Ed TESL (Hons.)

Every so often, I purposely threw this question to some of my friends to seek for their views on this modest feat that we share. “How do you feel about obtaining your degree soon?” Some scarcely see any value of it. Some could hardly feel just about anything. Some even unenthusiastically respond to my lame question. I wonder what makes a degree holder feel so disgraceful. Is it because education at any level is so easily obtained? Then, OUM is at fault? Huhuhu.. Or maybe because by the end of this course we do not have to even bother to think about job-hunt? Thus makes this ownership of B.Ed TESL Degree less exciting? Or is it because it is JUST a DEGREE? Therefore, it does not worth a respect or an admiration at least? Emmm, with ado respect, before I proceed any further, I do understand that everyone does entitle to his or her own opinion and I also understand clearly that we hold a different value. Hence, this resulted in mix-response, expectedly.

When I asked myself, “What does it mean to have a piece of paper embedded with such a title on it?” I feel a bit teary by some means. So, again, what does it mean to have a piece of paper embedded with such a title on it? Pride? Honour? Grace? Personally, I am happy that I have advanced myself to this level because it is not that easy though but not entirely difficult as well. I have a long, long windy passage ahead of me. This is just a beginning of another more breathtaking sail. So much like him and her and you, I do have a plan for my future too. A master degree and almost certainly a PHD will be coming up next.

I did not quite answer the question yet, right? O.K. I’ll spill it. At one point, it is unbelievable. This is something that I have been working on for the past six-year. Now, I am reaping what I have sown. Shouldn’t I be at least contented? Guess I should. Being happy simply means I do acknowledge the Greater power that keeps me at bay. Thanks, Lord. Smiling for this blessing also signifies that I do acknowledge everyone behind this successful journey. Nevertheless, I will not be too swollen with pride because this accomplishment is in fact only the beginning and in comparison with other more remarkable feats out there, mine is almost nothing. However, looking at my personal triumph per se, this is something I should be proud of.

So what if you have a degree one may ask. This is my most honest answer. No matter what I feet, I should be able to see the bigger picture of this six years voyage. This piece of paper is not just a piece of paper to my parents. It is not only another certificate. It represents their investment. It represents their sweat. It is the reflection of their commitment. It marks another phase of their successful stories. To the local community, it serves as an eye-opener, as a brainwave, an inspiration to keep going. I may fit very well in the Iban hall of fame for this very little achievement.

Academic excellence may not be the only thing but it is my everything. Unlike others who are good in business, who can sing or dance or do sports or have a very strong financial background, they can further flourish their faculty sometimes later in the future even without this insignificant degree. I, on the other hand, have nothing else to rely on but my scholastic merit and my EQ expertise that would be the plus point. Likewise, seeing my parents shimmering smile whenever the final exam result is announced better explains why high grade is so significant to me. That also explains why my face turns purple and grey when there is a cutback in my score. So, I shall value the Degree scroll that I am about to receive this August. My CGPA might not be as astounding but I am pleased to harvest what I have planted. So, 3.60 it is and I am a proud Dgree holder of Bachelor of Education in TESL. There are more to come.. There are more…