Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I am a movie-maniac. I constantly check for what is up-to-the-minute in the cinema. Thank you to the Internet that keeps me updated. After I heard of what would be aired in the cinema from the radio or perhaps from the TV advertisement or maybe from the local daily, I will then watch the trailer which is easily accessible from YouTube. Then, I find it necessary to go through the review or critics of the movie. Normally, this is how it goes. If I am so interested with the movie, I probably make it through all of that just as fast as the list reads. Hehehehe..

In Sibu, the only cinema that I would go to is King’s Trioplex. I am left with not much option either. I could only go to King’s Trioplex or Star Cineplex. The later has never amused me. However, the theatrical experience offered by King’s Trioplex is barely adequate to gratify my passion for a high-end sound system on the High Definition screen. I am quite flustered somehow with the underrated quality of the cinema. Not only the uncomfortable, fabric chair ripped me from my supposedly-treasured-movie-moment but the people who watch the movie get on my nerves a hell lot!!! Smoking in the cinema is not rare in Sibu. Switching their mobile phone to at least the silent mode is also a culture that is hardly embraced. Talking as loud as the speaker inside the cinema is not another alien, frustrating encounter. Despite all that, I am still very eager to be the first to watch the latest and most-talk-about movie in the cinema. Watching it on TV is different unless my house is equipped with an impressive home-theatre system.

A Degree in B.Ed TESL (Hons.)

Every so often, I purposely threw this question to some of my friends to seek for their views on this modest feat that we share. “How do you feel about obtaining your degree soon?” Some scarcely see any value of it. Some could hardly feel just about anything. Some even unenthusiastically respond to my lame question. I wonder what makes a degree holder feel so disgraceful. Is it because education at any level is so easily obtained? Then, OUM is at fault? Huhuhu.. Or maybe because by the end of this course we do not have to even bother to think about job-hunt? Thus makes this ownership of B.Ed TESL Degree less exciting? Or is it because it is JUST a DEGREE? Therefore, it does not worth a respect or an admiration at least? Emmm, with ado respect, before I proceed any further, I do understand that everyone does entitle to his or her own opinion and I also understand clearly that we hold a different value. Hence, this resulted in mix-response, expectedly.

When I asked myself, “What does it mean to have a piece of paper embedded with such a title on it?” I feel a bit teary by some means. So, again, what does it mean to have a piece of paper embedded with such a title on it? Pride? Honour? Grace? Personally, I am happy that I have advanced myself to this level because it is not that easy though but not entirely difficult as well. I have a long, long windy passage ahead of me. This is just a beginning of another more breathtaking sail. So much like him and her and you, I do have a plan for my future too. A master degree and almost certainly a PHD will be coming up next.

I did not quite answer the question yet, right? O.K. I’ll spill it. At one point, it is unbelievable. This is something that I have been working on for the past six-year. Now, I am reaping what I have sown. Shouldn’t I be at least contented? Guess I should. Being happy simply means I do acknowledge the Greater power that keeps me at bay. Thanks, Lord. Smiling for this blessing also signifies that I do acknowledge everyone behind this successful journey. Nevertheless, I will not be too swollen with pride because this accomplishment is in fact only the beginning and in comparison with other more remarkable feats out there, mine is almost nothing. However, looking at my personal triumph per se, this is something I should be proud of.

So what if you have a degree one may ask. This is my most honest answer. No matter what I feet, I should be able to see the bigger picture of this six years voyage. This piece of paper is not just a piece of paper to my parents. It is not only another certificate. It represents their investment. It represents their sweat. It is the reflection of their commitment. It marks another phase of their successful stories. To the local community, it serves as an eye-opener, as a brainwave, an inspiration to keep going. I may fit very well in the Iban hall of fame for this very little achievement.

Academic excellence may not be the only thing but it is my everything. Unlike others who are good in business, who can sing or dance or do sports or have a very strong financial background, they can further flourish their faculty sometimes later in the future even without this insignificant degree. I, on the other hand, have nothing else to rely on but my scholastic merit and my EQ expertise that would be the plus point. Likewise, seeing my parents shimmering smile whenever the final exam result is announced better explains why high grade is so significant to me. That also explains why my face turns purple and grey when there is a cutback in my score. So, I shall value the Degree scroll that I am about to receive this August. My CGPA might not be as astounding but I am pleased to harvest what I have planted. So, 3.60 it is and I am a proud Dgree holder of Bachelor of Education in TESL. There are more to come.. There are more…


When I was in Kuala Lumpur, possibly, I would not want to miss any live concert though I missed plenty actually. Hehe.. Luckily, I was however granted free accesses to few mini showcases by an artist that I so immensely love. You know whom, don’t you? I got to attend big event like Anugerah Juala Lagu and Konsert Inspirasi TV3 as well. Am I qualified to christen myself a concert-goer? No?? Hehe.. I love to be surrounded by the magnificent, hysterical liveliness and applaud from the ever supportive crowd. I can’t imagine how crazy it felt to be on the stage while your diehard fans scream for your name at the top at their lung. At least, I did that. Hehehehe…

Besides, I am, for ever and a day, enchanted by the flawless and heartrending sound system that contributes a great deal to the success of a concert. On top of that, the outstanding, dazzling lighting does play an essential part as well. A special credit shall be awarded to the excellent musician too. Plus the divine and tuneful vocal of the singer that accompanies you throughout the concert will make everything so rousing and exceptionally stimulating. And, yeah, the ever-so-enchanting choreography of the graceful dancer troop would multiply the spectacular effect of the show. Overall, when each and every of these elements effectively combined, it would lucratively create an incredible stage presentation and a stupendous concert phenomenon.

Only one thing and this thing along hold me from keeping with this passion of mine, TIGHT BUDGET. Anyway, thank you that today’s digitalized world has made it possible to virtually attend a concert, any concert for that matter.

Since I am financially unsound, I would be thankful to a bunch of friends whom generously share their startling concert collections with me. Or else, the presence of DVD for instance, sufficiently satisfies my craving for a great music scene. I habitually watch the same concert that I invest a special personal interest in cyclically. One of it is 10 Years of Westlife: Live Concert at Croke Park Stadium. I have been watching this very booming, exhilarating concert by any definition for a gazillion of time for a reason that is only so dear to me, so close to my heart. I love their heavenly, harmony voices, Shane in particular. Besides, each of the song is sung from the very bottom of their beautiful hearts. Each and every word sang is very evocatively expressed. You do not have to listen too closely to feel the magic of their phenomenal singing prowess. I am so moved by their songs in which I always find my inspiration in.

Everything from the very first second till the very end of this concert is just so glorious and BRAVURA. I WISH that ONE DAY, I WILL BE ABLE TO ATTEND THIS SORT OF CONCERT if not a better one. O Lord, You know I want this so terribly bad!!!! Do hear me, yea? Wink2.. How I wish I have such a great and soothing vocal so that one day I may lullaby SOMEONE to a peaceful and sound sleep.. Hehehe..

Despite my greater affection for Siti, it is reasonable to question why didn’t I watch her concert all over again instead. Her vocal ability is of course pleasant-sounding and godly. Her singing talent opens to no discussion. Only if her concert could match up to the level like her Idol, Celine Dion or maybe her Asian counterpart like Raymond Lam, then, fine. I always find her concert quite lame sometimes. Look at Jay Chow’s. Walaweiiiii… It is indeed a jaw-dropping, futuristic concert. He is able to bring tomorrow’s concert today. Maybe your internationally graced concert in Royal Albert Hall, London follows behind but not closely though. Ooppsie.. Sorriee, darling. Honestly, I need more stimulating visual, more stirring energy, more of the unexpected and more technical display from you. You are in fact an ASIAN MEGASTAR thus I expect more from you. Money has always been an issue. You ended up relying on a set of not so impressive stage and a so-so technical present.

But, you are so damn lucky, babe. Your million ringgit smile and your singing is after all, the most sought after treasure in every of your concert. Your insanely gifted sweet vocal performance accelerates the sell of your fast sold-out tickets. I truly appreciate your hard labour to put up a good show. In any performance like Juara Lagu your creativity really shows. Your showmanship makes you a step ahead from your local colleague. You have never failed to captivate the audience. The cheer for you grows louder day by day. You have been trying to make Malaysia, THE music power house. You always have something new to flaunt. You fully utilize every resource you have regardless how small. Whenever you hit the stage, you perform like it is your last show. You give it all you have. That impressed me too…

One day, I hope that you could prove to the world that Dato Siti Nurhaliza’s Concert is internationally catching. One day, who knows if Mariah Carey finds her inspiration for her upcoming concert from watching yours? Wink2..

Monday, June 28, 2010


I guess any other dreams are possible but not this one. I dream that one day I shall be leisurely holding a chilled can of beer, facing the breezy blue sea while having 2 or 3 hot ladies massaging me softly. My private jet is not too far away. I am surrounded by the world greatest think-tank and thus, I need not to worry about just anything; E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. will be well-taken care off; from the temperature of the water filling in my larger-than-life bathtub, to the stunning glow of the floor that I would be stepping on...
While others are busy with managing my next-new-exciting adventure, all I need to do is just enjoying every moment. Money is pouring in without me working hard for it. Globe-wide traveling is no longer a thrill as I have visited every exotic and world wonder. Perhaps, something new and only-for-the-rich like, mmmm. I don't know.. hahahaha.. is something I shall venture on. Skydiving maybe? Too cheap perhaps if I have a gazillion and fictitious of $$$$ with me.. Eating lavishly, sleeping poshly, driving luxuriously... Everything is affordable.. No amount is too much.. Dream on, Walter.. LOL...

I miss...

Thanks God that I was chosen to join UKM-IPGKBL link programme. I was able to experience living independently in 2 different but equally exciting places. Studying in UKM may not be as electrifying as studying abroad but yeah, I loved it there as much as I love Kuching.
Right at his very moment, I kinda miss my life as a student. It was a totally carefree life. My only concern other than studying and maintaining my grade was making sure than I got my assignments done. Perhaps, less than a quarter of my youthful undergrad's life was dedicated to 'learning,' the rest was for entertainment. a
What I love the most and in fact still is, was sight-seeing. I love going to new places and trying new food. Catching up with new movies was also a must. Window-shopping was a pleasure too. I was trying not to miss any free concert or show as well.
Right now, I miss not only my perfectly lighthearted and insanely blithe world, but I wanted to be in KL so bad. Whenever I go to Sibu town, I always find it so unbeliavably empty and uninteresting. You have only a choice or two and mybe after about a minute or so, you are left with nothing much. I have been going to and roaming around the same old places sesnselessly for the past 2 decades.
And as the food lover, I can't help but to continuoulsy lament on the little variety of food that Sibu has to offer. Fine, I love kampua and kompia plus one or two other local delicacies. But I am a big fan of Western cuisine too. Of this, I could only drool when my mind wanders to as far as Tony Romas, Chillis, San Fransisco Pizza, Sushi King, Domino's Pizza and the like.. Shall I include the mamak stall too that sells a yumylicious Nan Kima and as well as few Chinese Restaurants that offer a surprisingly reasonable deal?
Sibu however offers me a peace of mind. It is indeed a very tranquil place unlike KL which is a sleepless city. My point is, I love STAYING in Sibu and to accommodate my young and restless soul, a place like KL is where I need to be..

Thursday, June 17, 2010


24 is not just a pair of number. Hitting 24 makes me feel much more learned. For the past 23 years, a thousand and one eventful feat has impacted my life significantly. The bittersweet life-enhancing experiences have made my life so colourful. I am now transforming into a man. A man who everyone will find reliable, I pray.
I am still very young though. What lies ahead of me is still very mysteriously kept. However, I would not trouble my mind by inquisitively digging for what tomorrow has to offer. I will walk this interesting journey of life with courage, passion and patience.
I feel very much honoured and appreciated. Even before June 17th, I have been attending advanced birthday dinners continuously beginning June 15th. In fact, I have been receiving precious birthday gifts since last February. Thanks a million. Thanks everyone for the thumbs-up effort. I am very touched!!!
Guess I have more than enough 24th birthday cakesssss... I have been well-fed too. Every dinner + a birthday lunch are so lovely!! Thanks for the effort to make my day special. I could not ask for a better celebration.
I too have been occupied with replying smses and birthday wishes on facebook and email. Feel so overwhelmed by the heart-warming birthday wishes. Thanks. Thank you very much everyone!!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Eating excessively...

Being educated, I feel just the otherwise. I feel so horribly bad. I feel so foolish because knowing the perilous consequences of heavy eating does not have quite a desirable effect on my dangerous eating habit. I have been insanely eating like there is no tomorrow. My lust over food is increasing by day, hardly reaching the finishing line. What would stop me? Would the dreadful news of being diagnosed with obesity-related diseases wake me up? Till then, how can I possibly run away from my deadly eating habit? This endless craving and desire for tonnes of food is nothing but self-damaging. Come on, Walter. WAKEEE UPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!! Just before it is too late...

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness...

Well-Paid Off...

When helping others is common, what you will get in return would always surprise you. It may be in the form of sweat, time or money. Either one is like winning a jackpot and each may start with your very little contribution to make others' lives a better one which in the end makes yours a step closer to your heavenly world... Wanna make your life a livable one? Make others' a good one first and you will be well-paid off.. It begins with you...

Little token

There are so many ways to express your appreciation. I have been thought by my parents that I must not only receive freely. At the same time, I must do something in return. For example, when people give me a ride, at the very least, I shall treat the person over a simple meal or a drink or something. Or maybe, I pay for the fuel. The idea is not to tell everyone that I have a very thick pocket. It is simply an act to show people that I truly appreciate their help no matter how small or how big. I will always want to maintain this culture. And yea, a simple but thoughtful THANK YOU would always at its best in any circumstance too.

Seeing her again

My heartfelt gratitude firstly goes to Sheela, Topeq and Robin for making this reunion possible once again. I am just soooooo at the right time to be able to see her again showcasing her beautiful God-gift voice and gracefully shaking her hips to the tune. I did not know that she would be in Kuching while I am here for a course until a dear friend of mine, Christopher Risandy told me that Dato' SITI NURHALIZA will be rocking tHe Spring for her SimplySiti Promotional Tour at 3pm today, 6th June.
The crowd was spectacular but the cheer was disappointing. Her flawless singing, (though she sang only 3 songs namely Rahsiaku Milikmu, Destinasi Cinta andKu Mahu) however was the only one thing that matters. I am truly, doubly, euphorically joyful that I got to see her again. All the best Dato' Siti.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Chemistry rules

It is not about the money you spent. It is not about the distance you crawled on. It is not about the gallon of sweat. It is not about the time you dedicated for. It is all about chemistry. Nothing could defy its prevailing power. You can't make it happen if it is not there no matter what.......