Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Money matter

"Walter, u will never pick up the phone? I'll fetch you tonight!"
"Ter, maok join mek orang sik?"
"Come on, dude. Join us."
"Hey, I found this new place. Dinner there, shall we?"
"Umpang, nemu aku dek enda busy. Aram, enggau aku."
"I bought this already. You should get ourself one."

I have been invited to lots of parties, dinner, outing, visiting, vacation etc. Each sounds fantastic. Most of the times, my buddies tell me not to worry about money. They would be more than willing to pay for my expenses. But, I don't buy such an idea.
Anyway, tell me if you could find a person whom find exploring new places or hanging out with friends are boring. Unfortunately, I am not a son of a Dato or a Sultan or a timber tycoon. I do not have the large amount of money with me. Despite my eagerness to say yes to each, I have to hesitantly turn each thoughtful invitation down.
I would really love to discover new places, enjoying the breeze by the seaside, trying out new food, watching every newly-released movie and hang out with my friends at a club. But, I have to live a life in which I have to take a great care of every single cent that I have.
At times, I do envy some of my friends who are not bothered by this financial issue. They could afford to go anywhere they wanted to at any price and at anytime. They could enjoy posh dining experience everyday. They have the latest collection of the trendiest apparel line. They drive luxurious car. They sleep on a super comfy, fully air-conditioned bedroom. What a life.
Looking at mine, I do however get to enjoy what I want. Basically, I have everything that I need. I never starve. I manage to buy what I want provided the price is reasonable. I get to eat at a place that I long for as long as it worth the value. Maybe I do not get to enjoy each on daily basis. But, that makes us a more grateful person, right?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jangan berjanji

Mungkin hanya aku yang mengagungi suatu janji. Senang sungguh kau taburi. Kau katakan itu. Dan kau katakan ini. Namun belum satu kau tepati. Belum lagi terlaksana janji mu yang satu, kau hampiri aku dengan janji kedua mu. Apa kau ingat aku tidak punya akal fikir?Apa kau sudah lupa aku juga ada hati? Sudahla.. Berheni berjanji jika terlalu sukar untuk kau kotai. Aku sakit hati. SAKIT HATI melihat kau datang tersenyum lagi. Memohon maaf kerana janjimu terpaksa kau mungkiri. Aku berpura-pura hadiahi dirimu senyuman palsuku. Mengatakan bahawa itu tidak apa. Padahal, hatiku kecewa dan dimamah duka. Arghhhh.. Mungkin belum kau rasai lagi. Memiliki teman sepertimu yang suka berjanji dan suka berkata manis. Tapi, tiada satu pun yang pasti. Sorry mu itu yang datang bertalu-talu menerpa halwa telingaku sudah tiada maknanya lagi. Kerna aku yakin, kau akan datang lagi bersama suatu yang aku tidak tahu kesungguhanmu melaksanakannya.

Red Card & Anugerah Juara Lagu 24

I knew that this entry is out-of-date. Well, it is relevant for it happened in this month. And today is the 26th day of January. For the past few weeks, it has been an exciting voyage. So far, so good. I tried a new eating place. I was also happy because my dream to watch Anugerah Juara Lagu at Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil has finally come true.

A different lamb chop presentation by Red Card. Daring and enterprising try out. And this was for my supper.. Gosh, stop telling me the calorie.. Hehe..

These two dear friends of mine enjoy exploring new eating outlets. They have introduced us to quite a number, but managed to only go for one or two. Red Card was their idea which was ok.

Ah Bin, another great companion of mine enjoying his fish and chips..

Align CenterI hate this photo. I looked portly, plump, chubby and stout. In fact, I am.. But, hahaha.. This very piece is my truthful evidence that I was there to feel the vibe of the ever-energetic performances by the local talents at this prestigious Anugerah Juara Lagu 24. Every thumb up for them. Bunkface's Situasi is still loudly echoing in my mind.

With Mr. President, Rifky at McDonald after the event. Thanks to Harni, the photographer. And Zakiah was by her side. Earlier on, Safa, Ina, Nana, Nieza and Ash were also with us. Went back in separate direstion. Subsequent to McD, we headed back to UKM after having the real blast.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sushi King

I love sushi!!!I believed sushi is as refined as any of the great cuisines of the world. You may find it overly priced, but alongside the elegant fare is the humble bowl of rice and the heritage of simple combination of healthy diet. That is my only reason for loving this simple yet lip-smacking dish.

Two great people. I went to Sushi King for the very first time with Ashairi. With Robin, this place is no stranger. In fact, Robin is already very accustomed with Sushi King that he enjoyed his delicacies like a Japanese does. Ashairi on the other hand was struggling a bit to adapt his taste bud with this not-so-new taste. He did try Sushi casually. He nevertheless found those sushi lovely. Dude, sorry that the green tea displeased you. I do hope you have had a fabulous time at Sushi King just now.

Those were mine. Count the plates... Though the number may be little, but I paid for nearly RM30. It was worthwhile anyway! At first, I told Robin that I don't mind the price and placed my order one after another. I was getting worried to see that I have more than two menu worth more than Rm4 each. That was when I stopped ordering.

Forgotten the name, but it sure was succulent, luscious and DELIGHTFUL!!!

This is a must.. Hahaha.. Say sushiiii....

Recalculating my blessing

I am now counting my blessing that is pouring rather lavishly and bountifully. I am one of the luckiest person. I guess I truly am. Beyond doubt, I am truthfully privileged and blessed. I do enjoy my simple life which is generously filled with cultivating surprises. As prominently shown on the header of this blog page, (THROUGH MISTAKE I LEARNT GREATLY. THROUGH YOU I WALKED STEADILY) it bears a very significant consequence on my not-too-frenzied life. I am really thankful that I have found those people who accept and love me wholly. Thank you.
Also, there are some people who may find that I am a very difficult person to deal with. I am so sorry. I am still learning. I am still improving on my uncountable weaknesses. Give me a chance that in the end, we may find bliss in each other. Let us learn not to jeopardize each other. Let us learn to spread the words of love so that the genuine compassion would overflow.
Thanks, God for your magnificent gift of life!

2nd Extra Advanced 24th birthday present from Robin Wong

My Green Point, Polo Club, El-Santaro black leather wallet

Boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen!!!!!! I am doubly thrilled tonight!!!! The ever-thoughtful Robin Wong bought me a suave and elegant wallet for my 24th birthday which is in June.. Thanks, buddy!!!!! Thank you so very much!!!!! I love everything about it...

Last year, he bought me a pair of Lee Cooper sandal. I told him that I needed to get myself a new pair because the current one was in a bad shape and worn out already. So, we went out window-shopping. I found this pair of sandal. I told Robin that I wanted it so bad. But, I was not financially sound. So, I could only wishfully thought that the sandals were mine.
I was in total surprised to find out that, with no second thought he grabbed the one that I LOVED and bought the sandals as my 23rd birthday gift!! You see... He bought me the exact pair that I LOVED.

So does my 24th birthday present. He knew that I wanted to buy a wallet. I needed to reconsider my desire. Little that I thought that someone so dear would secretly think of buying me one. Thanks, Robin.

How would I be able to return you such a lovely gift???

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Debonair Alamanda vs Inconspicious Kajang

Though I rarely go to Alamanda, Putrajaya. I like it way better than Kajang as a whole. I find Kajang daunting. Too crowded with eerie faces. Some might be the illegal immigrants. Feel so insecure at a point of times. Alamanda on the other hand, offers a sophisticated, comfortable and trendy window-shopping experience. Still however, despite the chic and elegant ambiance that Alamanda offered, you might find it a bit upsetting with their apparel outline especially for guys. It is occupied by Parkson, Levis, Giordano, Googles, Al-Ikhsan, Esprit and another hundred-and-one outlets. Sadly, I could hardly grab a good deal there. Surprisingly, I get more from the humble Kajang. Hahaha..
Well, just now, I went to Alamanda with Sapri though it was very dark already. At anytime, it would be raining cats and dogs. I was about to call the plan off when Sapri reassured me that it would not be raining soon. We were caught in the rain though. Hahaha.. But, that just spice up our journey to Alamanda.
Anyway, earlier, I told Sapri that I wanted to watch 2 movies; Legion and Haunting Universities. Ended up watching only the latter. I was convinced by my brother to watch Haunting Universities in which I learn that the movie was not as expected. Though there was a lot of goosebumps moment, I would award it with a sympathetic 5.5 point out of10.
Thereafter, we went strolling and stopped for a while to enjoy Baskin Robbins. I tried Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (vanilla ice cream with chunks of real semi-sweet chocolate chip cookie dough and chocolate chips) and Strawberry Cheesecake (cheesecake ice cream with cheesecake cubes and a strawberry ribbon).

Later, we walked around some more before we decided to have our dinner at KFC. I didn't quite like my Zinger Tower X-meal though. So did Sapri. He didn't seem to enjoy his snack plate set. Actually, we planned to enjoy the sushi at Sushi King. Maybe next time.. God bless our wallets. Huhuhu..
It was around half past 9 already. So, we decided to make a move. We went to Carrefour to get the price reduction for the motorcyle parking fee. But, neither Sapri nor me has anything to buy. But, we needed to buy something to get our parking coupon stamped for the discount. Sapri finally bought himself 2 boxes of chocolate and a skin-care product. Then, the two of us happily walked towards the counter to claim our parking coupon price cut. Poor us. We were told to do it at P1 Utara instead. Since P1 Utara was nowhere within our sights, we decided to just pay for the coupon at the machine. We queed up and it was our turned finally. We inserted the coupon into the machine to only find out that ALL WE HAVE TO PAY WAS ONLY RM1!!!!! We took a trouble buying goods from Carrefour for the sake of that RM!??? Hahahaha...
Well, Sap, I have had a great time today. It was a relaxing window-shopping. Thanks, roommate!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Pardon me if you find this entry offensive. I am not being disrespectful, ya. I would only love to share with you one of my favourite dishes. Something that is culturally significant. Something that I have been fed with since I was a baby. Something that I really enjoy. Let's read this in that spirit, shall we?
And yea, if you find the accompanying pictures nauseating and gross, you better pray that I will be coming up with another entry because every time you visit this blog, shall there no new entry right after this one, you would have to view those pictures again. I would like to apologize for one last time shall this entry cause you any form of discomfort.
Obviously, his entry would mingle around pork-related cuisine. I said earlier that pork is culturally significant. Being an Iban, pork slaughtering is common. It served as an offering for the blessing we received. During Gawai or any festivity, the shrieking pig marks that there would be a feast to be held.

From left: Me, my uncle, my grandpa, my father and Adrian at a Christmas party.

When we have this family get-together, the aromatic roasted pork is no stranger. The crunchy, tender, hot, roasted pork is best served with chilled beer or icy wine. Don't worry about the calorie. The wine will have to shed some.
Besides, I love pork leg soup very much! My mum will prepare it for me the day I am home from a land far away. This super delicious gastronomy is hard to find in Semenanjung. So, home is the only place where I could enjoy this enticing and alluring quick-and-easy-to-prepare stew.
Another one which is irrefutable is bamboo pork. It would give you an exquisite dining experience. Every slice and every piece of pork cooked in a bamboo tastes so magical. It is so slimy, so delicate and so fragrant. I would like to pay a gratitude towards our Mother Nature for this very earthly sensational food preparation.

My last home-roasted pork. Prepared the day before I left for my final sem in UKM

Pork pau is just another blessing. Now, I have to fight this intense feeling and want to have one. It is so juicy and undeniably mouth-watering specially when it is steamy. Its companion, which is the siew mai is another unbelievable fine Chinese delicacy. One is not enough. I would go for another.

Gold Happiness Restaurant's Pork Stew stuffed in pau (One of the dishes for Angel's 3rd birthday)

Pork-based Dim Sum is available at Dai Chiong, Kajang.. But, the place is so far away from UKM.

In love with siew mai...

Everyone at home loves eating pork and I think it runs in the family of course. All of us are meat eaters and I am trying to cut down on meat and have more green vegs. Haha.. Let's work it out in the next lifetime..

Angel, enjoying her roasted pork at Sungai Stras in Bintangor.

Kampua & Kolok

Kampua yang I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

Kolok yang I missssssssssssssssssss

These two simple and lovely dishes are a must-try if you are in Sarawak. Those two, kampua especially are my staple food. Kampua is popular among the Sibu community while the latter is Kuchingites' favourite. I don't mind having both everyday for either breakfast, lunch or dinner or may be for my late supper. Never get bored. I love each more and more each day.
Unfortunately, these two simply irresistible noodles are not available in Peninsular Malaysia. Even Hakka mee or mi kicap that they have here tastes very dissimilar. I am not sure whether either one is delicious. Barely sufficient to just fulfill the killing desire to enjoy kampua and kolok.
How then would I be able to satisfy my craving? Only if a friend in Sarawak could deliver those two via snail mail and only if they would arrive fresh, I definitely would make a call asking anyone to do me this favour. For the mean time, I could only stare at the two pictures above and imagine that I am enjoying them. Right now, I could even smell it! Gosshhhhh!!!! I am salivating like a dog...

My music

I have been attending quite a number of live showcases, concert an award show since my first big concert, Konsert Satu at Istana Budaya last year. I have been to Konsert Fantasia Tour rehearsal, Konsert Sesuci Lebaran, Konsert Inspirasi Tv3 and the latest, Anugerah Juara Lagu 24. The only similarity that each share is, either one did feature Dato Siti Nurhaliza as the performer. It has been my lifetime dream to listen to her singing right before my eyes.
I am aware that some of my guy friends find it gross to be a big FAN of Dato Siti Nurhaliza. Instead, they suggestively insist that I should be listening to perhaps Mest, Oasis, Blink 182, The City and Horses, The Exter Popes or Twice as Brigh etc...
I do admit that sometimes, being surrounded by this friend circle of mine, I found it a bit thwarting and embarrassing to even mention Dato Siti's name when they talk about psychedelic music, hippie counterculture, the DIY anti-corporatism (Indie band), punk rock and even hip hop.
But this is something that I personally love. My soul is so sentimental as my dear someone described which is agreed by my few other friends. If you have a chance to listen to my mp3 player, you would not be too surprised to find yourself soundly asleep not even before you finish listening to the first song.
But, hey. Don't you get me wrong. I do listen to The American Reject, Secondhand Serenade, Rain, Ne-yo, Green Day, Eamon, One Buck Short, Bunkface, Kavana, Jason Myraz, James Blunt, Daniel Powter, Gary Chow, Gallen Lo, Ethnic Transmission, David Cook, Daughtry, Clay Alken, Brian Adam, Bowling for Soup, Avenged Sevenfold, Zee Avi, Unwritten Law, The Official, Simple Plan, Westlife, Jay Chow, Raymond Lam, Side A, Rembrandts and so much more.
I am not completely or entirely drowning in Siti's music alone, alright. For the matter of fact, I did positively & fairly criticize her music which I may sometimes find dull and boring. I have as well encounter this W-T-F-and-W-T-H-experiences watching her performances.
Call my playlist soapy, mellow or melodious if that pleased you. I don't mind because in a trying time, I found my strength just by listening to those easy and ear-friendly tune. Interestingly though, I consider myself a universal listener. I don't strictly confine myself to only one type of music. I appreciate others as much as a true musician does. In certain occasion, don't faint if you see me headbanging to some hardcore stuffs, or hysterically singing the song that is so not me. Maybe you would one day find me in a gig enjoying the loud, heavy bass. I do find pleasure in exploring other genres and appreciate others' work of art genuinely.
Thus, I wonder why do some of my friends find Dato Siti Nurhaliza, Westlife, Plus One or Celine Dion sickening? In Siti's case maybe because she is overrated or is it because she is overly, heavily publicized? But, as a true musician as you self-declared, she does have this gift and talent that everyone in this industry wanted, right? Let's appreciate the TRUE TALENT rather than discriminating singers by their music preference. Let's condemn others not anymore because they sing the music that is not friendly to our ears. Let's understand that you are uniquely you and you and I are just different. Let's celebrate this diversity in harmony; placing people appropriately based on their true talent and hardwork. Are you with me?
Well, love it or hate it, I will be attending Konsert Satu Suara this coming Feb, 14th at Istana Budaya. This concert would feature Aizat and Faizal Tahir as well as Dato Siti Nurhaliza in a short slot. Before I leave UKM, I would seal it by attending Dato' Siti Nurhaliza's 15th Anniversary Concert which is scheduled in April.

Do you want to be me?

I could be easily intimidated if I realized that others are a bit better than I am. I would feel so small despite of my physique that is way bigger than some of those sometimes.. Hehe.. At such a time, I would secretly plead and wishfully and truly and really pray that I have what that person has. When I looked at myself again, I would then shamefully realize that I could only dream. Dreaming of the impossible.
I hate it when people say NOTHING is impossible if you work for it. Are you sure? This sort of false alarm could be catastrophic, you know. It leads people to think that they could be just anything. So, they would be working with their might and will and push themselves towards the very edge which later they may find themselves falling into a very deep hole. We ought to realize that certain things are not meant for us. But, I am not suggesting that we shall not work hard to achieve our dream. I am saying that we work it out reasonably. Work smart!
Anyway, what is my worth? When I walked in a crowd, would there be a moment in which people got their eyes transfixed and glued at me? Would they be secretly whispered to themselves saying "HOW I WISH THAT I AM HIM." Would they even care to turn their head just to have a second glance at me? I doubted that.
I don't even know how to hold the drumsticks properly. I can't pluck the guitar or enthusiastically hit the drums like my brother. I don't have the heart of my doting sister or my loving mother and the brain of my wise father.
I am not good at sports. I can't skillfully play football like Rifky or play badminton competently like Dya or play basketball expertly like Jimmy or jump capably like Tofeq. Neither am I kinesthetically prudent. I can't dance gracefully like Sapri and Dalila or sing mesmerisingly like Haldeah.
I can't debate glibly like Sheela or Dewi. I am not as smart as Semry or Harni or Kim. I am not good at computer like Syahwan, Dylan or Robin. Not even as confident as Ashairi and Nieza or Sasha. I can't even act evocatively as well as Keah. My writing skill is nothing close to Alyana or Ina or Nana. I am not as determined as Safa or Alex.
An all-rounder man is what I always dream of. Not too late though I realized that I just can't have my hand at everything...

Friday, January 22, 2010

Another awakening dream

God, how I HATE to be awaken by such a NIGHTMARE!!!! I think I am not alone here. Waking up to only find that it is just a dream. A dreary dream that makes you feel like calling home right away. To ask whether everyone is alright and perfectly sound. I would make a call anyway just to ensure that everything is just fine. Fair enough to get rid of those horrifying thought from haunting me.
I just have one last night. It was so vivid and real that I thought that I woke up crying. I dreamt of losing my mum. Luckily though, it was only a bad, bad dream. A dream that I will never ever ready to bear in my real life. Maybe I was just tired. Or maybe I am missing home so much.

Keep moving

One of the greatest joy is indeed when I find myself triumph over my weakness.. Lately, waking up early is no longer a big deal. I need to stick to this routine for I have made a pledge already. I want to live a healthier lifestyle. I was disgusted by how I sluggishly moved my heavy ass from my undoubtedly comfy bed. For these couple of days, I am impressed that I managed to be an early bird even before my diligent alarm clock wakes me up.
Try it yourself to see what it is like in UKM as early as 6.30 a.m. You would be enchanted by its panoramic view, the cold morning breeze, the sweet melody of bird chirping, misty morning, wet green leaves and icy-minty cold fresh air. Each makes every morning heavenly. I just love it.
For the record, for this semester, this would be my fourth time jogging when every other guy is still soundly sleeping. However, right now, I hardly jog for even three rounds. My ankles still hurt and leave me with this warm and stinging sensation. Maybe because I have been too hard on myself, forcing every developing muscle and joint to work extra hard. Coupled up with my evening jog, I guess I am pushing myself towards the edge. I, in fact wanted to push myself over the limit.
Anyway, I am thinking of going for a massage. Hopefully, I would recover soon. I need to keep up with this momentum.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bad dream with terrifying consequence..

In the Iban culture, when you dream about loose, rotten, or missing teeth, it indicates that a family member or close friend is very sick or even near death. I was horrified when I dream about my tooth falling last few weeks back. I did not want to tell anyone about. However, I told Nana and few others about my dream. Nana told me that she had a similar dream once and soon after that, someone's dad made his way to Heaven.
Coincidentally, three nights before, my brother informed me that his best buddy Doster had just passed away. And I dream about it not too long ago. So, is it true that such a dream do serve as a warning? Hopefully it is JUST a coincident. Otherwise, it would be a daunting warning that we will be losing someone who is dear to us. Just a matter of time.. I want to have such a dream no more!

Little thing that makes me happy

Hahhaha... Yea.. Kinda weird.. I know. Keep an open mind will ya? I am not a die-hard fan of Vince though. This little exchange that we had somehow makes me smile. It makes my day. See, even Vince who is busy with his entertainment biz has a time attending to the wall post he received..

Boredom, enjoying it..

I wanted to look at it from this angle instead from now on. I will try not to whine about it anymore. Useless, I believed. Hehe.. Considering that starting from the coming July, I will be occupied with a hectic life as a working adult. Furthermore, there will hardly any holiday. It will be a change in my lifestyle. I will be an undergraduate or a university student no more. I would have to wake up early and get myself ready to teach. I will not be able to sleep at 3am and wake up at 11am anymore once I am a teacher. Lesson plan, school activities, courses, etc will be haunting my next chapter of life. Do you see my point? When the time has come, I might as well not be granted the time to update my blog.
So, right now, I shall cherish my not-eventful and undemanding life. I have all the time in the world to do everything that I want for myself. Why waste such a privilege when I knew that I will not be spared one with soon? So, I have made up my mind to enjoy what others term as boredom. Later in future, when I want it so badly, at least I know that I really have enjoyed the most of it and I would not regret it cause I have made full use of my free time.


Do you know what I have in mind? I want to wake up as early as 7.30 every morning, with the exception for Monday (since I am occupied with lectures in the morning) to go for a breezy-windswept jogging in the stadium. Maybe with some push-up etc. I want as well to spend my evening in the stadium, jogging for a few rounds before I hit my shower. Possibly, I will be taking my lunch with a meticulous selection of food. My dinner shall be replaced with cereal or milk or Milo. Hmmm...
My weight is one thing. My physical look is one thing. My health is one thing. Only if I stick to this intensive regime starting from today, sooner than I thought, I would probably lost at least 10 kgs by March. Will I be able to do this? I really, really hope so!!!

Bitter or better man

You tell me whether I have been a bitter or a better man? While my life is basically uncontroversial, I have been through a lot. Dealing with people from all walk of life is a real challenge. To be a bitter man is to continuously grumble, badmouth others and see no good in others. To become a better man however is to work on something for a change for a better tomorrow. I want to constantly improve on every single aspect of my life. I want to become a man that may one day become the epitome of my species.
If I have been bitter or hard to any of you, I shall humbly apologize and seek for your forgiveness. I just want to life my life as you do. How about making each other smile when our eyes meet?

Stressed out

I was again on the verge of tears. I've been inordinately frazzled. I felt like everything was a mess and I was screwed, totally fucked up. Yesterday was not at all easy. I had this strong urge to just creep into some hole somewhere and just stay there for maybe another millennium.
No more people. People are bloodcurdling. Finding people who are not hurtful is, in my experience, one of the most difficult challenges life ever presents. I do however, find a bunch who have been truly virtuous and compassionate. I am thankful that I have them.
Anyway, yesterday, I felt so distressed that I could not think clearly. Fortunately, I still have my conscience. I found that when I could not rely on my mind to use logic and have a clear view of the situation, I tended to become rather terrified of life in general. If I was not careful, I would be caught in a downward spiral.
The best solution I guess was to postpone attempts at complex thought until my emotions had run their course. I always felt as though I've given up when I did that, but it was better than digging myself into a deeper hole.

I then decided to hang out with few to fill my thought with glee which later I found unsuccessful. To fake that you are happy was a big deal. It was nothing else but a torment.
I know it very well that I could hardly hide it when I am not at ease. My paralinguistic property would be freely displaying my inner, deep truthful thought and condition. My expression, among others is my greatest enemy. To let it go, I will let my tears to drain everything negative out from my system. Then, I will feel better and ready for another battle.
What a dumb ass I am! Feeling down with no specific reason. I just hate it when it happens! Huuuuhhhhhhh...

School Project. (Calling for Mr/Mrs. Anonymous)

There is this anonymous reader who claimed that my entries help him (let's assume that the reader is a guy) with his school project. My pleasure, indeed. I do feel privileged. Anyway, I have been trying to track him down but he left me with no clue. I am not quite interested to know who this Mr. Anonymous really is. I am more interested to understand only how has my blog helped. What project does he specifically refer to? Would my word be cited or extracted? Those are the thing I wanted to somehow investigate. To that Mr. Anonymous, please kindly introduce yourself. I may be able to assist you better. Dearly hope that you would be responding to this entry. I noticed that you have been searching or google-ing for my blogsite when I read your comment on my "My C510 and I; An Affair" entry. For the matter of fact, you have been "here" twice. I judged that by the two comments you left me with on my 2 entries. Hope to "see" you pretty soon. Whoever and wherever you are, all the best for your project.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Facebook Status

Maybe I am not the only one who find reading Facebook statuses disheartening, discouraging and provoking. I feel suffocated with those confrontational statements that people made. Gosh.. They must have left their brains elsewhere. I will take a very stern action against those Facebook friends who repeatedly comes out with nothing but absurd and unreasonable shout out. Why allowing myself to be emotionally disturbed by those futile remark when all I need to do is to simply discard all the ties I have with those morons.. They are after all my virtual friend, NOT my REAL friend. By the way, if you find out that you are no longer in my Friend List, I believed I have made myself clear. Looking forward to have a kewl time, inspired by people's electrifying status.


Sedikit sentap di tengah hari ini.. Be just extra careful with the words you write or say. You may not mean it that way. Be meticulous for a word is open to zillion interpretation, PLEASEEEee. No matter how much your heart bleeds, giving out your justification, please take into consideration of how others might feel. We might hurt each other deliberately and unconsciously. I am sure you don't want a perang dingin to ever happen, right? Or maybe that is what you want? Will be dancing to your music but as for now, I'll play my music louder so that I would not be anyhow influenced by your quite-influential rhythm.


I did my very first presentation for my final semester yesterday. It was on the "Intonation" for Dr. Salleh's Practical Contrastive and Error Analysis weekly, topical presentation. The preparation was not as grandeur but delicately done. I was blessed to be surrounded by three other EXCELLENT brains or otherwise you will find me drowning. Thanks, Dya! Thank you, Yanna! and Thanks, Ina!
We were left clueless and hardly found our focus when we first attempted to lay out our presentation. There was no specific instruction. Dya said this, Yanna said this and Ina said that. I too say something else.. Hahaha.. It was like a blind man guiding another blind man. We then, decided on consulting the lecturer to ensure that we were on the right track after we decided on the two possible drafts. Even then, I was not sure whether it was a consultation or mmmm...
I could not be more nervous than I was before my presentation. I asked a few friend to place their hands on my left chest to feel my accelerating heart beat. That was not phenomenal though because it is just a part of me before any of my presentation. I was sickly nervous and was thrilled that I could overcome it the moment the first word exploded from my system. Phewww..
I guess I have given it my best shot. Overall, I am satisfied with our group presentation. I understand that we have lots more to improve. Will be working on that towards a more engaging clear and informative presentation.
Though I was a bit frustrated by the unassuming comment but, we were not at fault. We were not informed of what he really wanted and precisely there was not guidance whatsoever. When the expectation was not met, so, lu pikir la sendiri.. So, as a future teacher, I will be more careful in designing an instruction. It must be simple, clear, precise, free from any form of ambiguity and self-regulated.
And thanks to my die-hard fan and ever supportive friends for being so helpful. Without your cheer and positive responses, I would not be able to present calmly and successfully(hopefully).

Newspapers, History and Comment

There was a time when I refused to read the newspapers. The newspapers could serve as a mockery. We thought we are being told of the truth. However, there is no absolute truth in any that I have read from. Luckily, with the emerging power of the internet, I am no longer denied an access to be a more critical and sensible reader because the stories from both parties are easily accessible. Then, it is us, the reader who needed to be careful in judging, not to be carried away by our easily drifting emotion.
I remember a saying that says a history could either be a lie or the truth. As to how it is written, it is highly dependent on the motive behind it or who rules at a point of time. So, DO NOT MERELY believe in whatever is said to you or whatever you have read. DO NOT allow yourself to naively be a part of the complot or the arranged conspiracy. Otherwise, you would risk yourself working for the people that you ACTUALLY detest, spreading their propaganda faster than the bushfire.
Anyway, I believed and entirely convinced that there is nothing wrong in giving comments on certain issue. However, we must ensure that we comment fairly, reasonably, intelligently and sensibly. You will never know what a word could do to yourself and the others. Your comment could either bring you prosperity or it may otherwise ridicule your life.
So, my MAIN POINT is, think wisely before you decide on something. What may be seemingly compelling could as well be deceivingly awful.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dolster (Another young soul has gone)

How would you response when your brother told you that his bestfriend has just died? I was speechless. I knew it for instant that he was referring to Dolster. Gosh.. He was only 20... Owh my...
This is one of the things that I feared the most being miles away from home. A news of the departing soul. I was actually traumatised to receive any phone call or sms at a peculiar hour. Last time, my father was struggling to hold his tears when he needed to inform me that my grandmother has peacefully left. And I was entirely devastated. Not so soon afterward, another call was made informing me that my cousin has gone for the reunion with the Almighty. Today, I was again shaken by the most unwelcome news. One of my brother's best buddies is gone. The culprit? Cancer-related disease.
Though the late Dolster hardly share any good moment with me, but, I followed his progress through my brother. I am sure that he was a good guy. Even though he knew that he was given a very little time to spare for his parents and supportive buddies, he will not give up easily. He made full use of his time doing what he enjoyed the most; jamming. He has been a fighter. He fought well before giving in to the Lord's call for the reunion.
Arthur, please accept my condolence and deepest sympathy. I know this is hard for you. But, you have to be strong. Now you are the pillar of strength for his family. May his soul rest in peace. Amen.

I want to go home

They would be time that I wish I was away when I was home. Surprising, no? That happened only when I have a sort of a misunderstanding or maybe a kind of a disagreement. I am a sensitive guy. I could throw a tantrum so easily. I still like to think of myself as a baby despite the two lovely nieces I already have. I am a spoilt child anyway. LOL..
Since I thought that home is THE place where no conflict shall ever happen, and when it HAPPENED, I wish I that I was somewhere else. Hahaha.. Not until I realized that, well it could happen to anybody and anywhere, and not until my rationale mind knocked my very wide forehead, then I TRULY REALIZED that I do not want to be elsewhere but HOME. Sedangkan lidah lagi tergigit, right?
I will not be home in the nearest time. The earliest would be towards the end of April. Can I survive this time? Though my parents call me for like everyday, but it is so much different to see them face to face. Owh... I WANT TO GO HOME...


What is a brother's place in a family? To a younger brother, he may be a guide to help traverse the complicated path of growing up. To an older brother, a little brother may be seen as a tag along and pain in the neck. As much as siblings squabble when they are young, this is not a sign that they do not love each other. Most siblings would lay down their life for each other if someone threatened their sibling. As children grow up they usually find it easier to get along and relate to each other in rewarding ways.
Arthur, I know sometimes I may whine. But deep down I really find you somewhat divine. You are smarter than you think. Smarter than me in so many ways, wiser than you know of yourself. You have experienced pains and joys, some twice your age. Those make you three times the man. I could be no prouder, no matter what occurs, no matter what is said or done, I will never be too far away, no matter the distance.
Surprising indeed, I miss the loud music coming our shared room or when you are with your laptop. I miss the way we fought and played. I miss seeing your big bright smile. I miss getting kicked. I miss seeing you here and there. I miss cooking you breakfast, lunch and dinner. I miss hearing you come in at night. I miss you tickling my belly. I miss you laying beside me and remain there though I push you away. I miss making you wear your seat belt and ordering you to drive more precautiously. I miss you with all my might. I miss the way we would fight. I miss my brother.
Arthur, at this age of yours, I DO TRULY UNDERSTAND that certain things may not be as easy as it may seem. The pressure, our expectation, people's hope; each may be unbearable. At that time, do not quite yet choose an easy way out. Let it go properly. Channel it wisely.
Neither my life or yours is easier. We have a different story to tell. Whatever that may cross our path in any stage of our lives, we shall deal with it sensibly. Remember, NEITHER MY LIFE OR YOURS IS EASIER...

I Will Always, Love YOU, MummY!!

Mummy, Happy Birthday!!!

Mummy!!!!!! It has been 5 decades, huh? Hahaha.. And it has been more than 2 decades that I have been under your watchful eyes (LOL) and loving care..
Mummy, next year, your birthday celebration would be different. It would be entirely on me. We will be celebrating your birthday at a posh dining place together with everyone your truly love. That is one thing that I promise you.
I have a lot of things in mind. Can't wait to realize each one of it. I want to make you the happiest woman, friend and MOTHER. I have no time to waste.
Mummy, every single time I spent with you is enfolded in your abundant love. Each day, each moment with you is so dear. I cherish the very special bond we have. You lift my spirit in so many ways. Let us celebrate your life in merriment and blissful joy. I honour you. And you are more than worthy to be loved and praised.I love you, mummy!!!
This birthday, I pray that Lord Jesus Christ would richly and generously reward you with endless health, wealth and wisdom.
Once again, Happy birthday, Mummy! I hope everyone can see,what a great mum you’ve always been and how much you mean to me.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

No man is an island?

I beg to differ. The reputation of an island is badly tarnished by this overrated cliche. I would rather become a man of an island than to be a man who lived in a continent with people who looked best in their deceiving mask . Let me justify. Why a retreat to an island when the saying says no man is an island? I know. I am now playing with the language. Let's get back to our business, if you are OK with it?
Alright. An island is a place where we may escape the hectic life of the urban area. An island is place where we may dip our body and soul into a crystal clear, heavenly-blue sea water for replenishing. It is a place that has attracted a pool of people from every part of the world. It is a place that offer endless tranquil and excellent comfort. While I enjoy what our mother nature has to offer, I may sustain my living with the currency exchange that the tourist generously contribute.
So, what is so bad to become a man of an island when you have the over-pouring joy and serenity all around you? Perhaps you fear the tsunami. LOL.. But, where natural catastrophic is concern, let it be for it will wash away all the dirt that people have brought in to the island. For later, we will witness the emerging of helpful body to assist those in need.
Let me make myself clearer. In a person, there is a beauty that only with bare eyes you can't see. Have you ever thought why an island is a hot spot for soul-cleansing? Because of its inner beauty, right? Now, maybe you are wondering why is an island placed so far from the land? Isolated from the civilization and intelligence. It is to keep its magic and charm unscathed. Well, what I am trying to say is, if a person has chosen to keep a distance from certain party, it is not s much because he is anti-social or something. Consider that he has to maintain his self-worth. I am proud to be one; a man of an island!

Sing along

It is not easy to find a person who would be more than willing to sing along with you to your favourite songs. You would as well find it rare to be bemused and perplexed by your singing partner who finds delight and sunshine in criticizing your not so artful singing repertoire. I have found a large bunch of people of that sort. Not too surprising, though.
The tragedy is, at such a troubling hours only we begin to seek solace in the musician that keeps the music melodious, perhaps in the dancers who dutifully surrounded us with their warm spirit or maybe our back-up singers whom soulfully fill in those gaps when we hardly reach the right pitch. Those are the people that we hardly turn our head to.
Think about it. Hoping that you will sing along with me to the tune that we find glee in.

Monday, January 11, 2010


We can't stay happy forever, can we? Last night was pure fun and this evening, it has turned out to be just the otherwise. I was stunned that at the slightest provocation, I found myself badly ripped and torn.
I was pretty chirpy and obviously in high spirits engaging myself in a very delighting conversation. I was all bubbly when suddenly an undesirable and unexpected responses casted its spell on me. It hurt deeply. I was flabbergasted... Sigh.. Was diligently trying to hide it but to no avail.
Tell me whether I am too sensitive. If I do, I would have to negotiate with my emotional intelligence as ever again. I did try to just laugh over it. The more I tried, the harder it became.
And you know what? this is my first time feeling so bad after I left home.
Guess I would stop here. I feel really, really down. I feel extremely troubled and burdened. Ahhh... F***
I know this entry is badly written. Biarla. Blahh..

Friday, January 8, 2010

Church burnt down into ashes...

I just could not believe my ears. I was actually on the phone with my mum when she told me that a KL church was torched. WHAT?????? I was like a bee whose hive is disturbed. Are you kidding? A RELIGIOUS INSTITUTION IS BURNT TO ASHES RIGHT HERE IN MALAYSIA???? A country that pride herself in freedom of religion? A country that pride herself in racial harmony? A country that pride herself in 1Malaysia concept?
Whoever did that must be ridiculously insane, coward and spiteful. But, those people, I HOPE do not represent the rest of its cohort. Too late however, their act is truly unacceptable. That is indeed a very PROVOCATIVE action..
I understand the madness, the chaos, the anger, the rage and the resentment caused by this cowardly act! I still pray that 13 Mei incident would not repeat itself ever again. Let's also pray that this commotion will soon reach its end. Lets pray that no more religious institution shall be set up on fire and no one shall be innocently harmed. No more hatred.. Let's pray for MALAYSIA THE COUNTRY THAT WE ALL LOVE...

It's painful

My left foot is in pain. I am not so sure what has caused this. Maybe I jogged too much. I did force myself to jog.. Maybe that is one of the reasons. Otherwise, you know what, it would be a lengthy, tedious evening. I rather spend my evening at the stadium than doing nothing in my room. I can't take the monotony to another level. Or else, I will go nuts. I have to initiate something to make each evening at least healthy..
Perhaps, I shall enlighten some that other than Monday and Thursday, I am free from any form of commitment. My lectures and tutorials are only on those two days. So, I shall re-engage with the outside world. Since I found jogging helped me to kill the time, even the pain that I am now enduring will not be able to stop me from pursuing my evening routine.
Sapri, so sorry for the inconvenience. You have to stand the over-powering smell of deep-heating, extra- strength, pain-relieving Mentholatum rub. I do not like the smell myself. But, hehehe, though the smell is undeniably strong, it gives you a kind of a sensation, a fresh, icy experience. Those with flu may find my room healing. Hahaha.. You could imagine how much have I applied on my foot, no?
It feels so much better after I applied the rub anyway. Hopefully, by this evening, the pain would subside and be swept away.. Everyone, thank you for the get-well-soon wishes...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I am back!!!

I know I came up with few entries already for today alone. But, this entry is not intended to elicit details on those entries. When I said I am back, it refers to the number of round I made when I jogged at Stadium Universiti this evening. It was not as much as others but I am proud that I could reach that number after jogging for only 3 days inconsequentially.
On my first day, I made only a round. I felt like I was going to collapse at any time. On the other day, I barely afford to jog for even 2 rounds. Felt a bit devastated with my very poor performance. I can't thoroughly blame myself either because it has been too long since the last time I engaged with any considerably heavy physical activity like such.
This evening, I was determined to jog for 3 round which I did. I was actually struggling to reach the finishing line. Another round might cause me a cardiac arrest. So I stopped and proceed with some exercises.
Suddenly, I saw somebody who was very familiar. Someone whom I have not talked to for a zillion year. It was Kim.. What did she do here? Stupid question.. LOL.. I decided to join her and attempted a small talk which she cheerfully and gleefully kept up with. To my delight as well, with me gasping for air, (I was literally looked like a fish flapping when placed on the ground) I was able to proceed with my fourth round.
I was not only happy that I have made another round but MAINLY because I was also able to let my past passed by with the evening breeze. It was a reunion that I have never expected, a reconciliation that I have been longing for. I am so much delighted right now. I feel healthier. I feel more like a human. I am back.


I am not in my best state right now. Heavy head, rising body temperature, bleeding nose, extra-masculine voice, just name it.. My mum jokingly told me that I must be missing home so much that I fall sick. Perhaps.. Hehe..
I have taken what it is necessary to become alive again. Just that I refused to go to the clinic. In such a condition, I feel so lazy to move around. The clinic is quite a distance. I prefer to lock myself in my room.
However, based on my experience, if I sweat it out, I might be stunned again by its miraculous healing power. I would feel sick no more maybe after jogging for a round or two. Let's see whether I would be capable of making my way out from my comfort zone later..

Being the minority and the silence majority

Maybe you the majority never have the privilege to feel how it is like to be oppressed or marginalized. Superficially, everything is seemingly and deceivingly fine. Mainly because, we the minority are denied the freedom of speech. Once we said anything against the mainstream, we would risk our tomorrow behind the bar. Justice can never be prevailed. You say there is justice because it is available for only you and never for us.

Concept after concept, ideology after one another are being introduced and propagated. Does it help? Only for the benefit of you and not us. That is the truth that you will never admit. So what? What has it done for me? I can very well choose the country that I will swear my allegiance to. I want a country that will recognize me as a citizen and grant me rights EQUAL to that of all other citizens. I want a country that has the wisdom to recognize my potential and talents and reward me ACCORDINGLY despite my RACE, MY RELIGION and MY BELIEF. I want a country where the government fears its people and conducts itself in a manner worthy of respect and honour.

Unfortunately, respect is one thing that Malaysian learn the hardest. When lots of so-called sensitive issues are wise not to be openly discussed (as how we have been taught of for years), however, when the majority unfairly condemned and criticized others very vulgarly, it would be OK. But, wait! If it is done by the others, surely, it would become the headline of the leading news publisher. You would be witnessing protest after protest. They have so much privilege bad-mouthing what others belief and at the slightest provocation, given a choice, they could burn you down if you dare to question their belief and their EXCLUSIVE right.

I have listened to lots of S*** which was made audible enough to reach my already-aching eardrum while I was waiting for a bus ride to a town one evening, quoting ONLY one of the what-do-you-expect incidences. I was dumbfounded that this privileged respectable man could come out with such an insensitive sermon which is very audible from a respectable institution. It was a very provoking statement that he made. It wasn't anything but an insult. Dearly wish that I have it recorded. He openly slashed those who were not of his cohort. If I have it recorded, I shall have it heard nation-wide. But, I knew for sure that I would be immediately detained instead of him who started it first.

I can't find the strength and energy to fight for these bunch of people. How many actually held mass protests, hunger strikes or rose up to defend us the underprivileged? None that I know of. Yet we the minority continue to support these *&^%^ blindly. Till when will I follow submissively and obediently? Till when?

So much they wanted to stand for themselves, so do WE! And hahaha.. I could now listen to you saying that I am very unppreciative and ungrateful. But, you never know and will never ever know how it is like to be US..

This 2010

A bit too late I guess but it takes time to think of what I really want for this year of Tiger. In fact, till this very moment, I am still unsure of what am I looking forward to. Hmmm.. A girlfriend? soulmate? More money? Academically successful? A car? A happier me? A smarter and wiser Walter? I just want it all.. Hoping for the best I always will. Let see what this 2010 offers me.
What I certainly refuse to engage in are heartbreak, conflict or anything awful! Have dealt with each enough. I need a peaceful year. YES!!! A peaceful and prosperous 2010 is all I want!

So you are the MAN, huh?

I could not have enough of this issue. A man whom defined himself manly by oppressing the woman. Duuuhhhh... So, you tell me. How manly does this man truly is? In this digital age, there is a very thin, nearly invisible line between what pre-defined a man and a woman, apart form their biological differences.

No man would be wanted to be associated with anything other than his typical MANly stereotype. That is not too surprising because a man has this unbelievable dosage of ego. To break this phenomena is likened to femininise the man. On the contrary, there is a significant increase in woman doing the man's job. The world welcome this changes with a standing ovation. But, it is so unlikely the case if the MAN finishes his counterpart's work. Something for us to wander.

Let me ask you MAN this few questions...

  1. How manly it is to allow your pregnant wife, or maybe your aging mother or perhaps your sister to do all the household chores i.e cooking, doing the laundry, gardening, taking care of the small one, while you sleeping cozily on your bed or maybe reading the newspapers or perhaps smoking the cigar and watching TV or playing computer games or PS? What's wrong with offering them a helping hand?
  2. How manly it is to shout at your mother or maybe your sister for not preparing the breakfast or maybe not getting the meal ready when you do nothing but whining or complaining. Why can't you instead help to prepare the meal?
  3. When your favourite jersey is nowhere to be found in your closet, how manly it is to yell at your mother for not getting your stuff in place? Would it do you any harm to spend less than 10 seconds to organize your own stuff? And little that you realize that you are such an ungrateful son; expecting people to get everything done for you when you did nothing in return, not even a word of THANK.
If you MAN still disagree with me and still really think that those are very feminine, try sweeping or moping the floor or cleaning the window yourself. Then, do the dusting. Try also preparing the meal for your family. And don't forget to do dishes. Owh yea, make sure that the toilets are clean too. One moment, what about the bed? Another thing, iron the clothes as well, k. Emmm, what else? Yes, the laundry. Pick them up and fold them and place them accordingly. Do all these all by YOURSELF. You would be stunned to find out the ridiculous amount of energy that is needed to run an entire house single-handedly.

What is even more embarrassing, you did not even have an initiative to get the leaking pipe fixed. Not even have the time to wash you car. What more to trim the grass. Gosh... Or are these the trait of the new generation of overly-dependent male?

Again, please HONESTLY answer this question. How MANLY it is to just sit down and to expect everything to be done for you? Even the King does not sit still. Your house is not a hotel, remember?

I understand that traditionally, the woman did it all because the man was solely the bread winner of the family. The women were typically the housewife. So, I have no issue with it. But, hey, let us men use that excuse no more, ok? Even if you are still the only wage earner or the main source of income for your family, still you have to be helpful.

Then again, I see no harm at all to provide them our assistance and to rally around right? Wouldn't it be lovely to surprise the lady of the house with a freshly brewed coffee when they wake up? Wouldn't it be lovelier to daze our loved one by cooking her favourite dish?

Being a man, I could hardly stand this stench any further. It is sickening and revolting. Let's put this unassuming and barely seen form of discrimination to an end. Let's work it out together, manly..

My C510 and I, an affair..

It is now the 6th day of 2010. Surprisingly, there is hardly any update follows my previous entry. I have lots of issues to be penned down. Some I found very provocative and others few are of my personal grimaces. I want my blog not to be tainted by those unrelenting matters. Shall anyone get to view what I have saved in my mobile phone message draft, then, one would shockingly find out that my 2010 did not begin delightfully as it may seem.
Other than plugging in my earphone listening to my mp3, I have this kind of habit; to immediately type whatever I felt on my cellphone. Only if I have my laptop by my side during those unpleasant moments, the entire world would know what I felt truly just a second after I clicked on the "publish" button. Then, I have nothing else to hide because basically I channeled my emotion through writing or shall I say through typing?
In that case, I am indebted to my dear C510 for providing me an avenue to share my frustration with. Otherwise, I would have put on lots of fight with too many people. That is one of the little wonder that my handphone does. I can't shout in the middle of nowhere, can I? I rather stay calm by transferring my anger through words that my C510 sealed perfectly.

I believed that my mobile phone is a very good listener. It has never criticized me. It gives me space to pour my swelling, suppressed anger. It keeps my inner thought pretty well and never once has it gotten any spilled out; another reason I love my C510..
Everyone knows the game of telling others your secret, right? In the end of the day, you might be suffering from a cardiac arrest and ended up in the hospital knowing that your secret is an open secret already. You would be amazed by how fast the chain could develop the moment your secret is unveiled to just one person at the very beginning of that remarkable chain.
To which draft I wanted to publish and share in my blog is just another chapter. Depended on its necessity and intensity. Hehe.. Well, as cliche as it is, some stuffs are better left unsaid. I have found my unswerving and reliable listener already. Let only me and my unwavering mobile phone deal with it, ok? My gadget may not offer me any solution. But what it does is to provide me a moment of in-depth reflection and above all, the space that I frantically need.
So, seeking for unnecessary attention which I may get from my blog I shall not. The danger is, an entry could be a divisive factor. This reminded me to a conversation between a soldier and his master during World War 2 from the movie "Pearl Harbour." He was impressed with the overall plan which guarantee the winning on their side. So, right before the Japan launched their attack against the US, a Japanese soldier said to his master, "You are great and wise, Master!" And his master simply replied, "A great and wise man will never arrange for any war to happen." Chow..

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Danau Experience

By right, I should have published the picture of its swimming pool instead of Danau Golf Course. The two places shared the same vast compound But, it is not available anywhere coz I didn't get to take any pic just now. Went there with only one thing in mind. SWIMMING!!! But, I must be lying if said that I was not mesmerized by its scenic and pictureque surrounding.

If not because of Robin, I would never step into this little paradise which is only a walking distance from my residential area, Kolej Tun Hussein Onn. He took at least 10 minutes or so to convince me to join him, Jimmy and Dylan swimming. At last, I gave in. Furthermore, it would not do me any harm right?

I hesitated not because I do not like swimming. Rather, I was ashamed of my heavy physique. I am not in a good shape. I can't imagine myself surrounded by people of athletic body. I really, really don't buy that idea. I am so intimidated seeing others bulging muscles. On the other hand, what I got to flaunt is my bulging layersss of fat.

Finally, they we were. After paying the entrance fee and the rental for the swimming cap, I went to the shower area. OMG.. Unexpectedly, we were greeted by 2 BUCK NAKED guys. WTF! Then, my mind quickly got itself adjusted. This is shower room, OKAY.. haha.. I got wut they have, so who cares? Wut a WARM welcome, dont u think so? Come on, perhaps u are shocked like I were, but, tat is a kind of a norm, the culture.. Ahh, not really the culture.. How should I put this? Never mind.

So, everybody changed to their swimwear already. Then, the guy from the counter handed me my rented swimming cap. WTH?? A swimming cap with a bubbly looking Mini Mouse printed on it? Gosh.. U must be kidding.. Damn it. I wore it the other way round instead. Then, should I take my shirt off? Ahhh.. I was there to swim for a real healthy reason. Maybe today they would see my bulges.. Perhaps, in no time soon, they can't believe their eyes to see me in my gorgeous new set? hahaha..

Anyway, I have had a really good time swimming. Though my body aches now, but I love it.. Looking forward to swim again. I even asked Robin to help me to buy a swimming cap already. Got a mission.. Hehe.. Chow..