Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Steamboat dinner turned 2012

Earlier yesterday morning, I jokingly told my mum that I wanted to enjoy steamboat for dinner. She called my father immediately and within an instance, she said that we shall go for our steamboat dinner at 6pm. A slight guilt appeared somehow.. My father and my mum agreed just like that!

However, we could only plan. Little that we know that we would be receiving a guest. Hmmm.. Actually, my mum and I could anticipate our company that evening. Hehe.. So, the entire plan had to be canceled. We have to wait for my mum next off-day. It could not be too long because she is already on night shift today. The night shift would be for two consecutive nights. The third day would be the off-day. So, for the coming Friday, I supposed we will carry on with the plan. Hopefully without any interference.. Hehehe..
Our guest has finally left. What shall I do next? Hmmm.. I remember that I have promised my brother that I will be watching 2012 with him. Well, maybe last night was the night to fulfill that promise. Unexpectedly, my brother-in-law decided to join the two of us for the movie. How can I resist? It simply meant that, the movie would be for free.. Hahahaha... And not for the movie alone.. Adrian treated us at McD.. A combo each.. Thanks!!!!

And I must tell you that I am so much in 2012-after-effect-mode. I love everything about the movie. So, though m
y steamboat dinner was replaced with 2012 movie, it was not just a replacement.. 2012 ROCKS!!!!

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