Thursday, September 2, 2010

Weird feelin'

Gosh... Sorry dear readers (if any, LOL). I have not been updating my blog for ages. I am still very much alive. If that is ur concern, so, that may now be the least of ur worries. Hehehe..
Working? How does it feel like? If you want an honest answer, IT SUCKSSSSSSSSSSS!! Yea, maybe being financially independent is what everyone is after. I WAS too and I am no longer now. So what if I received 2K++ by the end of the month?
I am grateful but, gosh, I really really miss those days when I was in UKM or IPBL or even when I was in my high school years. The world of a working adult offers me a challenge that I could hardly face. When would I really start liking this forever-gruesome career?
Since my kindie, I have been in school for more than 3-quarter of my life and now, there I am again for another 30/40 years... Maybe this was how it felt like entering kindie for the first time... And for goodness sake, this is only my 2nd month working. How many decades to go? Don't reveal me the number. And, how on earth do you think I could bear that fact? The fact that I would celebrate my golden age in SCHOOL?????? I am turning 25 now but I may sound like a baby. It is hard doing something that you HAVE to do... Only if I do this because I WANTED TO...