Friday, May 30, 2014

Gawai Rambling

It is Gawai now. But I am away, like miles away. Far far away from my family. I called my mum a while ago and she said she was busy cooking chicken rendang. Owh, I never thought that I could be emotionally affected. I thought I would not be missing home so much, like this much. This is my last semester studying in UPSI. But, 2 years not celebrating Gawai is something else. For the first year, I was excited to be here. Well, everybody would right? Come on!!! New university. New place. New environment. New friend. So, I wasn't bothered at all. 
But, now, I don't feel the excitement. I feel less motivated. I was so hesitant to fly. I do not know why.
I was like dragging my feet. Hmmmmm.. The only one thing that keeps me going is my parents. Their hope, their dream. Gosh, I could not afford to let them down. 
For a mediocre student like me, my first two semester weren't too bad at all. I got 3.34 for the first semester and later 3.94. Maybe 4.00 this semester?? kehkehkeh.. But, I could not help to feel this way. I am lucky though to have great friends around me. Otherwise, the next thing would be purchasing air ticket to fly to Sibu. 
All I could do now is to keep my finger-crossed that everything will be just fine. Everything will fall into places. This too shall pass...