Sunday, February 28, 2010

Alunan Gema Alam 2nd Season


Our Mother Nature is now at stake. We have been witnessing the frightening increase in Air Index Pollution. River is also badly contaminated. Extreme climate change is among other so many consequences of human unwise ecosystem management. While our generation may still enjoy the picturesque view of the sunset or the blossoming flower, unfortunately if we continue sitting numb, there would not be much time to experience our wonderful Earth-given gift. The only way to restore this beauty is to be aware of the different ways to act, and participate in them. Awareness must be spread. If we are unable to recognize that the world’s destiny is in our hands, sooner than we thought, this Earth would hardly be an ideal place to live in. Thus, language is one of the powerful tools to send this message worldwide. The participation is on voluntary basis. There is neither hampers nor cash prizes will be given away. This is a call to protect the environment by eliminating those corrupting forces. With the tagline “Engkau dan Alam, SATU,” hopefully, students would be responding well, willingly and voluntarily.

Barely 2 months

A senior of mine, Hakim Ikram asked me this question when he came over to UKM last Friday. "How do you feel about leaving UKM?" I told him I don't know. Hmmmm.. How much different would my life be anyway? After being a student for 24 years, my role is about to change. Would this change be bearable? Would I be capable to cope up with a responsibility of an independent, working adult? After being so comfortable, my post-undergrad life will be challenging, I suppossed. If all this while I have all the time in the world to do just about anything for myself, guess I have to learn to adapt to the real world context. I faithfully pray that everything would be in total control and by that time I could only pray that everything will be in place. I have walked down this journey of my lifetime for a zillion mile now. At times, I would crawl and stop walking for a while because I was exhausted, not knowing where to go. Though my experience may not sufficiently equip me for the next battlefield, I would not walk leisurely anymore. I want run freely without fear!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

A modest make-over

I did 2 things that I thought I never would. One of it would remain till my last breath. The other one would last for maybe a couple of months. Though the later one is not something new, but, my attempt for this time around is different. Owh ya.. I bought myself somethng that I really, really long for. Wearing it proudly now. No doubt that I have to surrender a HUGE amount of money for each. However I am really thrilled, overjoyed and satisfied with the end product. A very worthwhile experience. I would not regret what I have done..

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Jogoya and TGI Friday's

Only these to dining places left in my wish list. Hopefully I would be able to spend a great time enjoying my meal at both places. TGI Friday's would offer the best on land and sea. It is best known for its generous American-influenced dishes that I LOVE!!!

Jogoya on the other hand would offer an authentic Japanese delicacies. If TGI Friday's garners its popularity through the manifestation of Americanised menu, Jogoya would venture into cuisines ranging from Chinese, Western, Japanese, Malaysian and a lot of other styles while keeping its Japanese gastronomy remains impervious and unaffected. This has made Jogoya an irresistible place to enjoy delicious cuisines as well. Can't wait..


Guess my dream to end my undergraduate's life happily is beyond reach. I could foresee that I would be leaving UKM brokenheartedly. To keep my mind sound, I would do just about anything before I committed something silly. While my physique is trying to cope up well with this phenomenal calamity, my soul is already crushed into infinitesimal, dust-like pieces. A big portion of it is already flown away with the breeze. The remaining could hardly mend my broken-self. The shock is excruciating and intolerable.
I can't analyse thing correctly at the moment. I am unable to get a clearer picure of what is happening. The more I tried to figure out what happened, the pain is mercilessly increasing by nanosecond. I need a break.
Honestly, there is a glimmering hope still. Would I work it out? Does it have its value anymore? Or should I just let it go, really really letting it go? Should I pretend like everything is alright?
This is a game that I am bad at. I am such a loser, unable to get a hold of myself even till the first half of it. If I lose this game, I could imagine myself falling onto the ground, with my jaw dropping and my eyes bewildering and my body trembling. It would not be good, would it?


Selfish... Unfair... Echoing for like forever... Those words are killing... Pardon me for my extreme ignorance. Now I know..

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Siti Nurhaliza

Will I stop falling in love with this DIVA? My judgment will hardly go wrong. I have been talking to her, meeting her in person and even sitting side by side with her. Her charisma, her poise, her aura, her heavenly voice, her brilliant mind, her beautiful soul, her strength, her adorable smile, her God-gift talent, her unassuming self, owhhhh... Will one day I find a lady that resemble every quality of her that I so much admire?

This is the latest one.. Taken right after her autograph session at Konsert Satu Suara. From left, Yanna, Nana, SITI NURHALIZA and I.. (Beauty and the beast, no? I mean CT & I)

Muzikal Sesuci Lebaran at Greencow, Damansara.. I am not celebrating Raya obviously. But, guess I don't have to mention the reason... (Beauty and the Beast Pt.2)

I told you.. We were seated next to each other.. Mmmmuuahhhhh (Beauty and the Beast Pt.3)

This one was taken at her prestigious Konsert Satu at Istana Budaya. She was about to leave already.. (Beauty and the Beast Pt.4)

After the cheque-handing ceremony... (Beauty and the Beast Pt.5)

Sooooo sinfully gorgeous!!!!(The Beauty without the Beast.. LOL)

Everyone, a songbird, a righteous Diva whom needed no introduction.. Our very best, Dato' Siti Nurhaliza..

Bukan Cinta Biasa

Well, I can never be bored listening to this masterpiece over and over and over again. I am in love with this beautiful song.
You know to whom am I dedicating this song to, don't you? Right at this moment, I am in a junction. To pursue the love of my life is like sacrificing every other thing that I love truly and unconditionally. Little can I do about this. KU TAK BERDAYA, HANYA YAKIN MENUNGGU...
Align Center
Begitu banyak cerita
Atas sebab ada duka
Cinta yang ingin ku tulis
Bukanlah cinta biasa

Dua keyakinan beza
Masalah pun tak sama
Ku tak ingin dia ragu
Mengapa mereka selalu bertanya

Cintaku bukan di atas kertas
Cintaku getaran yang sama
Tak perlu di paksa
Tak perlu di cari
Kerna ku yakin ada jawabnya...ohhh

Andai ku bisa merubah semua
Hingga tiada orang terluka
Tapi tak mungkin,
Ku tak berdaya
Hanya yakin menunggu

Janji terikat setia
Masa mengupas segala
Mungkin dia kan berlalu
Ku tak mahu mereka tertawa

Diriku hanya insan biasa
Miliki naluri yang sama
Tak ingin berpaling
Tak ingin berganti
Jiwa ku sering saja berkata..ohh

Andai ku mampu mengulang semula
Ku pasti tiada yang curiga
Kasih kan hadir
Tiada terduga
Hanya yakin menunggu

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Godly matter..

I talked to my roommate about this just now. It was a kind of a peaceful interfaith conversation.. Anyway, this very issue has been haunting me for ages and it is still very mysterious. It may be simple. But, how would you answer this question. Alright, are you ready?
Consider a man who is living a life of a prophet. He is very saintly. Very down-to-earth. Very inspiring. Very generous. Very kindhearted. He is also the moral pillar. He is the perfect role-model for every living thing. Very much adored by everyone. He has committed no sin. He never lied. He has no criminal record. He makes the blind see. He makes the poor feel warm. Those who can't walk would run at his presence. He is CLEAN and PURE.
He HOWEVER, belongs to no religion. Neither he is a Muslim, nor a Christian. He believes in no Superpower but he believes in only being morally good and being humanly. When he died, would the God whose Christians dutifully worship or any other God for this matter recognize this man as his Shepperd? Would he be spared a place in Heaven? Or would he be condemned for his ignorance to acknowledge the presence of the Divinity despite his saintly act during his lifetime?

Belief and Faith

I am amused that people always think that what they believe in is always superior than others. They can in fact confidently think that what others believe in is a laughing stock and therefore, that makes them uncivilised. Often those who bow before a statue or even a tree is habitually made fun of. How do these bunch that represent a great deal of civilisation could be so assured that they are REALLY and TRULY walking on THE PATH OF TRUTH?
When my faith and yours is dissimilar, why can't you learn to be respectful? In any teaching of any believe that either one of us is clinging to, I choose to believe that none says that IT WOULD BE ALRIGHT to MARGINALISE others of different faith. Sadly, the minorities have to suffer and bear the mockery, the jeer and the cynical remarks that they are being awarded with.
Having the authority does not make you more holy. Plus, you don't have the right to say ONLY WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN IS THE ONLY TRUTH. Happen to be that yours is IN FACT NOT THE RIGHTEOUS ONE, how would you handle that in the end?
Please people, before you even have the thought of labeling people as rough-edged, misled or something, recalculate your judgment. It could possibly be that those beliefs that you find disgusting is the REAL LIGHT that you need to brighten you soul.
If others find their innate solace by giving offering to their Superior one by the act of slaughtering an animal, or maybe by chanting, or perhaps through dancing or howling or inflicting self-physical pain, what on Earth makes their ways of honouring their Divinity less dignified than what you or I believed in?

Eating my anxiety

Whenever I feel down, angry, tired or even sick, my appetite always impressed me!! It will be multiplied. If the emotion that surrounds me is the otherwise, I mean, when I am happy, the urge of enjoying good meal is even more intensified. Incredibly, the only thing that could stop me from eating is boredom.. Hahahahahaha.. If I am bored, the meal would look as dull as my soul is. Funny, no?

Leaving it behind

You would be surprised to finally find out that the cure for your aggravation is something peculiar, something that you always thought never work. Something that may appear crazy and extremely extraordinary. The outcome is however, mind-boggling. I have found my cure for this fatal venom. It is a cure that would cause people in my league to stare at me with their jaw dropping. Owh.. I am thankful that I may continue living and breathing. Otherwise, my life would be hostile. What I learned from this is to open up to any possibility. I have to loosen up a bit. I will not be rigid; no longer after what I have been through. I am now opening myself up to anything!

Mest - This Time

My little brother, Arthur introduced me this piece. As much as he loves this song, I guess I love it much more than he does. From that moment onwards, I could not stop listening to it. And right at this very tender moment, this very song describes what I feel deep inside pretty well.. Listen to my heart singing, will you do me that favour?

Is our time gone forever?
Nothing else seems to matter
Sitting to watch the sun die

Feeling uninspired
Left alone and tired
Waking up to nothing
I need something

I can't say goodbye forever
But I'll say goodbye for now
This time, like last time
It's over
I'm leaving this behind

This time, like last time
It's over
I'm leaving this behind

The walls are closing in now
I'm walking through it somehow
Waking up with nothing
Give me something
I've lost all sense of meaning
Staring at the ceiling
No longer believing everything

I can't say goodbye forever (I can't say goodbye forever)
But I'll say goodbye for now
This time, like last time
It's over
I'm leaving this behind

This time, like last time
It's over
I'm leaving this behind

I can't stand another day without you
But I have to walk away
Infatuations got me going crazy
Desperation makes me stay
I'm leaving this behind

This time, like last time
It's over
I'm leaving this behind

This time, like last time
It's over
I'm leaving this behind

I've taken all that I can take
I've taken all that I can take
I've taken all that I can take
So I'm leaving this behind
I've taken all that I can take
I've taken all that I can take
I've taken all that I can take
So I'm leaving this behind
I'm leaving this behind

Thursday, February 18, 2010


People say that my blog entries are very sadistic and melancholic. It has been a while since I came out with any of those gloomy entries, agree? Let's keep it in mind that life is not always a bed of roses. Right now, I am not in a cool state of mind. I am troubled by something that I thought I have but it will never be mine. Hilarious? The truth is however, I am such a pathetic fool.
Anyway, nothing else matters but to make things right! And that is what I am working on now. Wish me the best!!!!!

Walking away...

I read it and well, though I was a bit stunned, I would love to spare you the remaining joy that I am left with. It should not end this way. But, well, things happen and about it I am so certain now. Since you are unaffected, let us continue walking the different path that we have chosen. I am walking away without a regret now. I may have contradicted myself, but, we found no joy this way. Your words echo even louder now but guess you hardly mean what you reassuringly told me the other night. What I read just now concluded everything. I foolishly thought that we shared that one special thing. Apparently, we are not.



CNY Holiday

I just can't believe that it's Thursday already. I thought this one week holiday would be giving me a kind of a heartache and headache. I thought it would be a holiday blues. Surprisingly, I went through each day peacefully. Each day is filled with different activities. I tried a lot of new things.
On Thursday and Friday the previous week, I was occupied with sending people off to the airport. In fact, the week prior to last week, dropping people at the airport has begun. I was teary. Who likes to be left alone while every other friends of yours are heading home? Enough said. Unexpectedly, home-away this holiday is not as bad as I have imagined.
Last Saturday, I went out with Sharon and Ted, my all buddies. We have not been meeting each other for nearly 6 years. We met up at KLCC. Planning to visit the Sky Bridge but the ticket was not available. We should have come earlier. But, never mind. We have a lot to catch up and we sat at the park exchanging stories. Then, we decided to go to Bukit Bintang. We had our dinner at The Ship and it was splendid. I tried their Sizzling Steak and I would not hesitate to award it with two-thumb up. Later, before we proceed to enjoy some dessert at Secret Recipe, we went strolling along the famous BB Street.The real fun was about to kick off. It was 2100 when we stepped into a club. It was the best entertainment outlet in Malaysia, Funtheque and we were entertained by the best live band, "Freemix." The show, the ambiance and the music were spectacular. I DANCED and I DRANK but I wasn't drunk. We shared a barrel of chilled Tiger beer.It was nearly 3am that we decided to leave and took a cab home. I stayed at their place and only went back to UKM the next morning. The morning after was, hahahahahaha.. but, I managed to reach my room in one piece, unharmed.
Came Sunday. The most awaited evening!! It was a night of miracle. 2 stars and a MEGASTAR would be sharing the stage for Konsert Satu Suara. The concert was expectantly breathtaking. Come on! The concert featured two award-winner, Aizat and Faizal Tahir and Malaysia loveliest songbird, Dato Siti Nurhaliza. I was so thrilled and elevated. Surely, my animated companions were as excited as I was. Dya, Yanna, Nana and I started our journey to Istana Budaya as early as 5pm because we were not really acquainted to the place. We claimed our tickets and we filled our growling stomach at McD before indulging ourselves with the high-class performance!Entering Panggung Sari, I could feel the vibe already. I could feel that the night would be a great night and I was not surprised to find out later that it was indeed glorious, outstanding and terrific. The momentum from the beginning till the very end was extravagant!!! No regret for purchasing a RM123 ticket. Furthermore, our seats were the fourth row from the stage. I don't have to tell you how privileged we were for such a magnificent view from our seat. Before we headed home, we went for a delightful supper at A&W. Owh, how I love their rootbeer!!And, it was already Monday! At around 12 in the afternoon, Dya, Yanna, Keah and I went to Alamanda for our lunch and a movie. The movie, "True Legend" was a bit upsetting. Not too bad but would not recommend you to watch it. Do not be fool by the big names like Jay Chow and Michelle Yeoh. It was merely the strategy to woo the movie-goer like me only. After the movie, it was time to bid Keah goodbye. We dropped her at Putrajaya Sentral. Hers homecoming was unplanned. Her husband-to-be bought her a return ticket from KL to Kuching at the eleventh hour and before she knew it, home she was at night.
It had been a long day and I was soundly asleep after returning our rented car at 6pm. When I woke up at about 8, I felt really hungry and was thinking of trying out a new dining place. Sapri was reluctant at first because initially he wanted to go to McD but I insisted to go to San Francisco Pizza instead. We invited Ambun along as well as Mr & Mrs. Dya. I was extremely relieved that everybody LOVED their meal. In fact, we planned to come again!! I picked up a right place and I am glad that I did.
The night was still young. So going back would be daunting. We spent a long hour at Salam behind Fariz for a very very interesting sharing. Before the sunrise, we headed back to UKM. And the next day was Tuesday. We went out for our late lunch at McD since our cafe provided us with nothing but the gravy and the thick sauce with countable pieces of uninviting meats. Later at night, I got to enjoy my mum's home cooked delicacies. Thanks to Jimmy for taking the trouble to bring me the meal all the way from Sibu. I am indebted to you Jimmy. My mum prepared me her signature glutinous rice with chicken, grilled fish, roasted pork and hot dog. My father bought me kampua too. The dinner was just GREAT!!!Though I am ocean apart from home, it was unbelievable that I got to enjoy those scrumptious dinner here in UKM.
I decided that I shall rest on Wednesday. It's movie time. Why bother going to a cinema when I have a plenty in my external hard disk. Thanks, Keah for the movies. I have made a wise move asking for her benevolence to transfer some movies and drama series into my hard disk.
Today is Thursday. Only four days left before the semester continues. So far, I enjoyed my 'stay' in Kolej Tun Hussein Onn. Glad that I do.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I've always found a need to express myself and to get my voice heard. One of the ways is through this blog. So why do I write? Why do I need to express myself?

There are probably a few reasons:

  • seeking validation. validating my existence.
  • happiness is the hardest emotion to hide. whenever we are happy, we want to share our happiness with others. So does sadness.. LOL...
  • trying to make sense of the world; common sense, isn't so common after all.
  • I just feel like sharing my humble experiences; so you can learn from MY mistakes.
  • improve my ability to write and communicate.
  • improve my ability to sort my thoughts and ideas.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Windscape For Him (for me).. Another advanced birthday gift..

From Jimmy and Kim

This is the 75 ml eau de toilette that I have been dreaming of for these few days. I was in Avon with Ashairi and Safa when I first introduced to this perfume. Actually, I am not a guy who is into perfume kind of a stuff. But, it was different. I was so attracted to the smell that it took me less than a nano second to decide to get myself a bottle. Unfortunately, it was out of stock. I was really upset. Little that I knew that this was in fact, a blessing in disguise.
Then, on my another visit to Avon with Ash, Kim, Dewi and Harni, I spared a thought of buying it but then, I was not as enthusiastic as I was. So, I ended up empty-handed.
Prior to that, I have been busy promoting this perfume to my classmate. I was also shamelessly asking my friends to buy me one as a token. I said it will make an ideal Valentine's or birthday gift.

Hardly a day after my second visit to Avon, Jimmy sheepishly handed me a plastic bag with Avon printed on it. At a glance, my heart told me that this could not be true. The moment my eyes caught the view of the rectangular sea-blue box, I knew for instance that inside the plastic bag must be the one that I was dying for.
Ting Kung Jin and Ling Kim Lin... Thanks, Jimmy. I should have hugged you just now!!! I am speechless.. Kim, this is your second birthday gift of the year which is equally splendid and bravura. This is just another LOVELY and THOUGHTFUL 24th advanced birthday gift.. I can't stop smiling already, can I? I was practically jumping up and down with intense merriment receiving this very, very unexpected priceless gift!!! I am indebted to both of you!!


Cheryline Ann (I hope I spell it right)

Christina Angel.. She must be holding her water gun.. Let's play again when Kakel is home.

I sent my sister a sms asking for the latest photoSSS of my beloved nieces. She sent me one of each. Da, I NEED MORE PHOTOS OF THEM. You must have calculated wrongly. I have been away for nearly 60 days and TWO PHOTOS are no way equal to the pain I have to endure for missing them so badly.. And coupled up with few more months, the twinge is nearly unbearable.
I was on the phone with Angel earlier this evening. She lovingly said "I LOVE YOU, Kakel." She also adoringly asked me "What are you doing?" and jokingly uttered "Owh, my God. What happened to you?" when she noticed a pause in between our anticipated conversation. I was trying my best not to cry. She miraculously has given me strength to survive the remaining days here. Listening to her sweet voice is indeed a booster that I can find only in her and Ann's jolly giggle. Whenever I was on the phone with my father, he would make Ann laugh. When I listened to her cheerful chuckle however, only God knows how bad I wanted to fly home.
The moment of truth would soon come. I don't know whether I have any strength to fight my keenness flying back home when everyone else is going back for this fast-approaching CNY break.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I love watching live drama performances or drama series on TV. The ability of those gifted actors and talented actresses juggling with not only their emotion but importantly, the audience has never failed to astonish me. They can move us to tears and within split seconds, they could make us smile again. Along the way, we get mad, we laugh and we cry with them.
I, on the other hand is not at all a good actor. My anxiety increases because we are required to come out with a drama staging by the semester-end for Drama in Language Teaching course. My group member trusted me that I could carry a character very well. I am not certain whether I could deliver as well as they expected. This sort of expectation has further accelerated my apprehension to the max. Moreover, the fact that the mark would be awarded collectively makes me aware that I have a REAL RESPONSIBILITY here. I do not want to be the scapegoat, the one who caused our mark to be cut back on.
Truthfully, I feel the character that I am assigned to is a bit too BIG for me. I have a very little, nearly zero faith that I could translate what I have in mind beautifully. Thus, when I was given an honour to write a script on an act which features me as one of the actors, I was trying to come out with some lines that typically portrays and mirrors my day-to-day conversation. So that, I would not have too much difficulties in readjusting to the demand of the play. I am now hoping that it will work the way I imagined it would.
Other than script-writing and acting, I am also responsible for our advertising. At least I am accountable for something that I am really familiar with. I am now looking for inspiration to produce a very catchy and informative brochure etc. I will utilise every bit and shred of knowledge that I have and years of experience to come out with a WOW one. So far, this is manageable.
Anyhow, anyway, I believed every other person in my group will be more than willing to assist me in my undertaking to become an OK if not an excellent actor. This is going to be an exciting roller-coaster ride. It will be a worthwhile one. A great way to end this semester and my uni life, I pray.


I was in the stadium just now when a torrent of ideas streaming down flawlessly. I hated it because I have no pen, no paper and no handphone with me. Otherwise, I may write it down right there n the stadium. It has been my habit to bring nothing with me but my watch and either my mp3 or mp4 player, each time I go jogging.
The problem with me is, I have the tendency to have everything wiped out from my memory. So, before those ideas gone missing, I better get them written or at least saved as a draft in my handphone. Luckily, today, I am not blessed with a memory of a goldfish.
Soon after I reached my room, I switched on my laptop and what a relief.. I remember every single thing. Thanks, God. Mmmmuuuaahhhhh.... I hope my idea would be accepted. I hope everyone else would love it as I do. Jangan syok sendiri sudah.. Hehehe.. Chow, people.

Monday, February 8, 2010


This is just another story of the love at the first sight, err, first bite.. Sushi King was the culprit. Grrrrrr.. Hehehe.. If you follow my Facebook status closely, you may have noticed that I have always wanted to go to Jogoya so badly. While I have yet to savour and relish the exquisite delicacies that Jogoya has suggestively offered, another Sushi-based restaurant has caught my attention. Thanks to Sushi Zanmai for intensifying my craving!
I am a S.U.S.H.I. A.D.D.I.C.T. I know. Luckily, I may enjoy a range of reasonable and fresh sushi at Sushi King and Jusco, Mid Valley ecspecially after 2100. Still however, I am not quite satisfied not until I have experienced the comfort, posh and elegant dining magic at either Jogoya or Sushi Zanmai.
Called me stupid for making their food retail business flourishing. Called me an idiot for willingly spending nearly a hundred buck for the taste of a small piece of sushi.
As THE SUSHI ENTHUSIAST, the pleasure that you get in return outshines any others. I WILL save a handsome amount of money for these two places.

Sushi Zanmai. Available at The Garden and Pasta Zanmai is available at Mid Valley.

Ladies and gentlemen, best sushi is prepared here!!!! JOGOYA is located in Starhill Gallery. In no time soon, I will UPLOAD my very own photo indulging my meal, RIGHT HERE at Jogoya. You may begin the countdown..

Not too late

Luckily you have made a very prompt and wise decision. I was about to push you aside towards the very edge. I even spared the thought that I would never offer you my hand if you slipped and fall down. In one way or another, your callous words have ripped my heart apart and it was badly shattered.
I really have had enough and I was absolutely disgusted. I thought I would not compromise with any attempt of repentant. Pardon me for being such a vindictive and unforgiving chap. I was so sick of it. The stench is becoming too overly strong that I could stand it no more.
I am remorsefully sorry. I finally realized that you were just being human. Making mistake is inevitable. I was screwed up, wrecked, ransacked and immobilised once. My life was being totally rummaged through.
After what had happened, I may have chosen to be a bitter person if I wanted too. I may have become a revengeful man as well if I wanted too. I may have chosen to be insanely ignorance. I may have blamed others for my ruined, totally busted life.
But, I learn and grow because I was given a chance to move on; to turn to another chapter of my life. ABOVE ALL, I GAVE MYSELF A CHANCE TO PROVE THAT I WORTH THE HONOUR. I really work hard to make the history, THE HISTORY. It will never be repeated again in my lifetime.
Now, I am giving you the chance to improve. Well, a dear friend of mine said, "What is done cannot be undone." Then, fair enough. Reasonably though, what could we possibly do is to shrewdly fix the damage. Experience is the best teacher as many claimed. Wishing you a better and less winding voyage this time around. In the middle of your passage, the gentle wind may be rough sometimes. Adjust your sail accordingly. You will reach the harbour with a little scratch but scarcely laid up. Good luck! :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010


I have never been to the cinema to watch the same movie for twice. Last evening, I went to watch Avatar for my second time with Ina at GSC Alamanda. And, it was great, greater than my first time and the feeling was in fact intensified.. The magical scene, the casts, everything about the movie is just COOL!!! The movie is soooooo juicy with romantic, love twist and one very prominent issue. I admit that this movie does move me to tears.

This movie does acknowledge that our so dear Mother Nature is now at stake. We have been witnessing the frightening increase in Air Index Pollution. River is also badly contaminated. Extreme climate change is among other so many consequences of human unwise ecosystem management. While our generation may still enjoy the picturesque view of the sunset or the blossoming flower, unfortunately if we continue sitting numb, there would not be much time to experience our wonderful Earth-given gift.

The only way to restore this beauty is to be aware of the different ways to act, and participate in them. Awareness must be spread. If we are unable to recognize that the world’s destiny is in our hands, sooner than we thought, this Earth would hardly be an ideal place to live in. Thus, AVATAR is indeed one of the powerful tools to send this message worldwide.

And of course, one will fight for what we call LOVE!! Love is such a big thing. AVATAR has translated it so well. Jack Sully and Nerytirri make a perfect sci-fi couple! Jack a.k.a Toruk, you are THE MAN!! And to Papa Dragon, hell is where your soul would be delivered to,

Jack Sully, ordinary-Marin-turn-Toruk


I am so amazed by the simple life of the people of Pandora. They are so much more united than us. The bonding among the people is so closed that even the eco-system could feel their presence. They are ONE..AVATAR is indeed the best movie, A GREAT MOVIE with A GREAT MESSAGE!!! Long live AVATAR!!

An ideal movie for Valentine's Day