Sunday, February 21, 2010

Siti Nurhaliza

Will I stop falling in love with this DIVA? My judgment will hardly go wrong. I have been talking to her, meeting her in person and even sitting side by side with her. Her charisma, her poise, her aura, her heavenly voice, her brilliant mind, her beautiful soul, her strength, her adorable smile, her God-gift talent, her unassuming self, owhhhh... Will one day I find a lady that resemble every quality of her that I so much admire?

This is the latest one.. Taken right after her autograph session at Konsert Satu Suara. From left, Yanna, Nana, SITI NURHALIZA and I.. (Beauty and the beast, no? I mean CT & I)

Muzikal Sesuci Lebaran at Greencow, Damansara.. I am not celebrating Raya obviously. But, guess I don't have to mention the reason... (Beauty and the Beast Pt.2)

I told you.. We were seated next to each other.. Mmmmuuahhhhh (Beauty and the Beast Pt.3)

This one was taken at her prestigious Konsert Satu at Istana Budaya. She was about to leave already.. (Beauty and the Beast Pt.4)

After the cheque-handing ceremony... (Beauty and the Beast Pt.5)

Sooooo sinfully gorgeous!!!!(The Beauty without the Beast.. LOL)

Everyone, a songbird, a righteous Diva whom needed no introduction.. Our very best, Dato' Siti Nurhaliza..


Nana said...

Nana was here....hehe. I love her too~~ and I am so thankful to you walter....mun sikda kitak, memang sik akan pernah jumpa nya~~ Siti rules!!!

Walt said...

Pleasure is mine.. Mun ada rezeki gik, kita agak sama2..