Tuesday, January 31, 2012

YOU MAKE ME CRY!!!!!!!!!

I thought I would never ever meet such an ungrateful person! I met one, so unfortunately and I am now totally devastated and broken-hearted. After all I have done passionately, this is what I get in return? The last time I cried this bad was at my grandma's funeral. And for even a worse reason, you make me shed my tears. Thank you!!!! I don't know how long will this crap last, but, God know, how much I hate you!!!! No, I don't hate you. But, you pissed me off so bad!!!
Yes, it's true that if the person you care for the most hurt you, you would rather die than dealing with this overwhelming distressing emotion. You have gone too far this time. I can't let this go just at the snap of the finger this time until you seek your forgiveness and admit that you have done wrong. Something sooooooooooooooooooooo wrong that left me stashed in little tiny pieces. I know I am no God and forgiving you may heal and cure my badly-wrecked heart. The damage is done.