Thursday, January 20, 2011

Miracle Blind Massage

Most of my friends would only go for massage when they are suffering from muscle pull or the like. However, massage appears to be my most breathtaking idea for relaxation.
I visited Miracle Blind Massage regularly. The place is simple with air-conditioner and very clean. I also love the fact that the masseur is really acquainted with what he is doing. Every masseur here has a cert and most importantly, they do have the recognition and accreditation from the Ministry of Health, Malaysia.
This massage centre is nothing like the mushrooming massage parlours everywhere else. So, guys, aspect no China doll here, okay?
Upon leaving the door after a terrific one or two hour of totally out-of-this-world massage session, I would feel so light and rejuvenated which lasts for days. The name, Miracle Blind Massage really speaks for what it stored for in return. Thus, pampering myself for a not-expensive-stress-relieving therapy is now fixed as a must-do monthly activity, at least once a month.

Opposite ITA College, Jalan Pedada, Sibu.

Operating hour:
9 am - 9 pm on weekdays
9 am -12 pm on weekends
Close on Public Holiday

Best if you could arrange for an appointment. The masseurs are always occupied. Reach them at 084 210 586 / 016 857 7433

Am I its self-appointed ambassador or something? LOL


Max said...

Dear Walt,

Thank you for putting up this post. I have been looking for blind masseur in Sibu for awhile now but no luck.

I would like to chat with you more about this post so I would appreciate it if your good self could email me at this address,

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

Max said...
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