Thursday, January 3, 2013


Do not get too excited first. My big day is not here yet. Hahahaha.. But, people around me, those dear ones as well as few acquaintances are matching me up with few ladies whom by their definition fit me well. They leave me their phone numbers, e-mail address, facebook account, basically just about anything to ignite the spark. I admittedly made few first moves. Unfortunately, I did not find them adorable, lovable, and BEAUTIFUL. I have yet to fine THE ONE whom makes my heart beats faster, THE ONE whom I care to talk to, THE ONE whom I might consider as THE ONE. I do feel bad but none so far has met my standard. 
Now, your question must be, "So, Walter, tell us about your standard!!!" Before I even jump to answering that question, let me first acknowledge my imperfections and flaws. I am fat. I am big, I am not handsome. I am not financially sound. Unlike any other guy friend, I do not find football interesting. Instead, I love things other guys dread like doing dishes. Window shopping is fine with me also. Wait, it is not that I love them but, I find those okay!
Now, let us get back to the question. Ladies and gentlemen and to you, dearest matchmaker, THE LADY of my life is THE ONE who is:
1. Sweet, beautiful, charming, gorgeous
2. Intelligence and educated
3. Working permanently and stably
4. Witty, spontaneous
5. Excellent in the kitchen
6. Respectful
Mind you, above all, I do find character no.1 is particularly IMPORTANT. Then, the rest are the compliments which are also THE-MUST-HAVE QUALITIES. Whether or not I have those qualities myself is just another question. What matters now is the future queen of my heart MUST HAVE THOSE. PERIOD!